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Search Engine Optimization

Learn the top factors that affect your search listings, tips for website construction, how to develop and organize SEO-friendly content, how to use Google My Business, and the importance of social media on SEO.

Email Marketing Tips

Learn about compliance, how to build your list, get suggestions on how to create a strong cam-paign, master the art of creating a powerful email, get tips on lay-out, learn how to create strong calls-to-action, and get subject line DOs and DON’Ts.

Managing Client Expectations

Sometimes it is appropriate to remind ourselves of best practices. This article will address one of these: managing client expectations.    Our clients are jumpy. They've endured the huge downturn in 2008 and have seen their portfolios shakily edge upwards over the last several years. When there is a decline, clients worry that it signals the beginning of the end.

How Important Is Your Website? Turns Out, It's Critical To The Growth Of Your Business

Some have predicted the demise of the website but five rules that make your website more effective indicate that a website’s quality is critical not only for attracting more clients but also to attracting high quality employees.

Intentionally Diversifying Your Client Base Will Enrich Growth Prospects For Your Business

The US is increasingly becoming a diverse nation. That means that people of all ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds will increasingly need financial advice.   This means the way you market to your clients will have to change in more ways than just to attract next generation investors.

New Book Confirms That Asking For Referrals Is Ineffective; Focusing On Client Needs Automatically Generates Them

A long-held belief in the advisory industry is that businesses grow by asking clients for referrals.   That is a misconception. Stephen Wershing says in his new book that people make referrals all the time but they are not appreciated so we hijack the referral process for our own purposes.

Roame Says Boomers' Liquidity Events May Drive Advisor Businesses For The Next 20 Years

Chip Roame says the greatest opportunity in the financial services industry over the next 20 years will be the booming number of Baby Boomer retirees.

Making Client Events Sexy, Or At Least Fun, Will Keep 'Em Coming

How do you get clients to come to a seminar or other event? Make it sexy, fun, and exciting.   Here's how you do it.

WSJ's Nish Profiles Success Of Three Advisors With Regular Media Spots

The Wall Street Journal’s Caitlin Nish offers an interesting overview of advisors who have successfully landed media spots on local TV, radio, or a newspaper.   She chronicles the success of three advisors, Joseph F. Eschleman, managing director and investment office for Wells Fargo; Kevin McKinley, principal at McKinley Money LLC; and Mike Savage, a financial advisor at Raymond James Financial Services.

Former FPA President Emphasizes The Need For A Different Type Of Converstaion With Female Investors

The recent Financial Planning Association (FPA) conference focused in part on changing the way advisors communicate with their female clients, stating that women need to be talked to rather than talked at.

Cerulli Report Says Wirehouse Market Share Continues To Erode And RIAs Are On The Short List Of Beneficiaries

A new Cerulli report, the Cerulli Intermediary Distribution 2012 report, says market share of wirehouses is on a downward trajectory that won’t end anytime soon. From 2007 to the end of 2011, market share of the big houses fell to 41.1% from 47.8%.

Success In Marketing Means Less Talk About Process And More Talk About Client Benefits

The quickest way to turn off a prospect is to talk about your process. What people want to hear is how they will benefit by working with you. They want to know how you will help them achieve their personal dreams, not just the set of goals they will list on your questionnaire.

Disruptive Power Of The Web On American Society; An Individual CFP Practitioner Can Call Out An Institution Like The CFP Board

Leaving aside the merits of the arguments about enforcement of a fiduciary standard by the CFP Board, raised recently by CFP practitioner Allan Roth, the controversy Roth has touched off is a lesson in the disruptive power of the Internet. The asymetric power of one person with a strongly-held belief challenging institutions publicly has accelerated change in American society.  It is disrupting institutions and business and changing lives.   Sociologists will look back on this era...

Writing Consultant Says That Being Savvy Is Not Enough To Make You Successful

In a recent AdvisorOne interview, writing consultant Susan Weiner notes that just being a savvy advisor in today’s world is not enough to guarantee success. It’s increasingly important to build community through online communications but many advisors face writing challenges that keep them from garnering attention from investors.

O-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y: Estate Plans Have Become Out Of Date After Three Years And Major Life And Economic Changes

A new study by Rothstein Kass shows that most high net worth clients’ estate plans are at least three years old and that 95% of them have had major life changes since the last update.

Advisors Market, But Don’t Measure Marketing

The subject line of the email was eye-catching. “If you're not measuring marketing, you're not marketing.” And in the body of the email, the folks at the Harvard Business Review posed this question: “Can you explain the impact of your marketing to your board of directors?” Naturally, that got me wondering whether financial advisors could answer that question, whether financial advisors measure their marketing. And what I found is this: Small firms are marketing, but...


How and why does the Advisor Products system work?

In today’s times, when consumers have become more demanding and tech-savvy, financial advisors must use content marketing to attract, inspire, engage, and convert their prospective customers.

A good content strategy is focused on developing and distributing consistent, valuable content to engage and retain prospective customers and target audience, via your website. Our content library provides financial advisors with fresh, high-quality financial content that is updated regularly, improving SEO along the way. And our automated e-newsletter and social media tools allow advisors to reach out to clients and prospects in an easy-to-use manner, providing frequent touch points for optimal brand building.

  • Differentiate you from competitors
  • Expose clients and prospects to your brand message more frequently
  • Build an ongoing relationship with customers
  • Increase your follows and fans on social media
  • Drive more prospects to your website
  • Help convert prospects into leads
  • Increase number of pages indexed in Google
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