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Impress Clients And Prospects By Broadcasting Documents From Your Tablet, Phone, Or PC To A Big Screen TV

If you make live presentations to clients and prospects in your office, displaying your presentation on a big-screen TV is much better than using a computer monitor or tablet.   You’re communicating complicated financial ideas. A big-screen TV is riveting, and the vast majority of clients you deal with watch TV daily and have been trained to consume information by watching TV. 

Why Cards Are The Future Of The Web

We are in the mdist of a re-architecture of the web, away from pages and destinations, towards completely personalized experiences built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content. That's the case being made by a very thoughtful Web design/client communications firm in its blog. I'm not sure I agree that cards will revolutionize Web design, but I do think the "card" concept makes sense for communicating with clients and it's worth keeping an eye on. 

Google Search Starts Highlighting In-Depth Articles On Search Results Pages

Perhaps 10% of people’s daily information needs are in-depth, Giogle says, while the Web has become dominated by short articles and content that doesn’t require much of an attention span. So Google is starting to roll out a feature to help people find relevant in-depth articles.   In the main Google Search results, look for a block of results that looks like the one below.   The in-depth search results box dovetails with the notion that the quality of your content...

For $35, Google Chromecast Is A Third The Price Of Apple TV Or Roku And Will Come In Handy For Advisors Who Give Presentations

  At $35, Google's new Chromecast USB dongle costs a third of the price of Apple TV or Roku, and it can come in handy for an advisor. In addition to enabling you to stream TV shows and movies to a TV from your computer, tablet or phone, Google’s new USB device will allow an advisor to run presentations from your phone, computer, or tablet and stream them to a big screen TV, which can come in handy for an advisor.

Should Fiduciaries Criticize Wall Street In Their Marketing Brochure?

Advisors who take their role as fiduciaries seriously are well-positioned to compete against Wall Street. The wirehouses and regional brokerage firms have a terrible reputation for selling instead of advising.It’s pretty easy to use the long history of sales fraud and conflicts of interest to criticize Wall Street. But just how far should advisors go? My suggestion is that you explain how you are different in your marketing materials but be careful not to go overboard.

SEC's "Seesaw" Explanation Of Interest Rates A Good Device That Advisors Can Use In Client Communication

The Securities and Exchange Commission's recent investor alert comparing the inverse relationship between bonds and interest rates to a seesaw is a simple but effective device. The New York Times used the seesaw analogy this past weekend in its coverage of the interest-rate risk issue and advisors should do the same. Below is a graphic I cropped from the June SEC alert that RIAs can use to explain the interest rate dilemma to investors.

How To Spot Crappy SEO Pitches And Avoid Content Marketing Consultants Who Really Aren't Experts

Advisors are getting ripped off on digital content marketing. Yesterday I spoke with an advisor who's spending $1200 a month on blog writing and social media posts. He pointed out that he cannot become an expert in this area. But it drives me nuts to see that he doesn't know what's buying or whether it's any good. He does know he's not getting results.

I’m 82, And I Use The Web To Get News, Weather, And Email, And My Wife Banks And Pays Our Bills Online

  I began my journalism career in 1953 at a morning newspaper in Birmingham, Ala., when I was 21, a senior in college. We worked without benefit of air-conditioning. Large rotary fans were placed around the newsroom to “keep us cool.” Mostly, however, the fans blew paper. We had to spike news copy on weighted spindles to prevent it from blowing across the room. Also, we used upright, manual typewriters to write articles and huge soft-carbon pencils to edit copy. High...

12 Tips For Financial Advisors To Help Clients Manage Their Digital Financial Lives

  You want clients to use the Web to check their accounts and get portfolio reports because it is a better medium for communicating. It’s faster than mailing them this information, less expensive, and easier to organize into a strategic file cabinet for them and their loved ones. Trouble is, many of your clients may not be so great with computers and you are not in the technology business. So here are 10 tips for approaching the issue.

Wall Street Journal Plans To Launch A Social Network For WSJ And Barron’s Readers

News Corporation, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal, is poised to launch a new social network that is targeted at readers of WSJ and Barron’s.   For advisors, such a social network could pose competition becuase it will hook investors up with information about investing and markets. However, for advisors who are engaged in social media, it could be a good place to connect with potential clients.

People Are Born With The Ability To Write, But Anyone Can Learn How To Improve

A person’s ability to write exceptionally well usually is innate. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t learn to improve your writing ability. A person’s ability to run exceptionally fast also is inborn, but runners can improve their foot speed by learning the techniques of running. The same is true for writers and would-be writers – they can improve their writing skills by utilizing better techniques.

Make Your Slides, Videos And Webinars More Effective: How To Set Up PowerPoint Slides For 16:9 Display Instead Of 4:3

Over the past decade, we've all moved from a 4:3 screen orientation on computers, TVs, and movies and to a 16:9 perspective--all of us except the geniuses at Microsoft that choose default settings for PowerPoint. When you create a PowerPoint, it will by default create slides with a 4:3 aspect ratio.   Using the 4:3 aspect ratio creates those ubiquitous blank spaces on both sides of your slides when you present a PowerPoint in "slide show view" or "presenter...

Clearly Explaining What You Do For A Living Is Critical For Establishing Credibility

  What do you do for a living? Many Advisors fumble over their answer to this question. But having a clear, client-oriented, benefits-laced statement of what you do and who you do it for is the critical first step in developing new client relationships.

Merrill's Thiel Says Advisors Must Change The Conversation With Clients, But His Comments Come Four Years After The Financial Crisis

To overcome the dramatic decline in public trust in banks since the financial crisis, financial advisors need to change the dialogue they are having with clients, Merrill Lynch wealth management chief, John Thiel, reportedly told an audience at the SIFMA Private Client conference on Thursday.


How and why does the Advisor Products system work?

In today’s times, when consumers have become more demanding and tech-savvy, financial advisors must use content marketing to attract, inspire, engage, and convert their prospective customers.

A good content strategy is focused on developing and distributing consistent, valuable content to engage and retain prospective customers and target audience, via your website. Our content library provides financial advisors with fresh, high-quality financial content that is updated regularly, improving SEO along the way. And our automated e-newsletter and social media tools allow advisors to reach out to clients and prospects in an easy-to-use manner, providing frequent touch points for optimal brand building.

  • Differentiate you from competitors
  • Expose clients and prospects to your brand message more frequently
  • Build an ongoing relationship with customers
  • Increase your follows and fans on social media
  • Drive more prospects to your website
  • Help convert prospects into leads
  • Increase number of pages indexed in Google
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