Webinars With Industry Experts

Craig Israelsen's January Webinar

Please join us for Dr. Craig Israelsen's January webinar. Want to share Craig's content with clients? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D., provides A4A members monthly classes on low-expense investing. Craig's taught family financial management at universities for over two decades, and his research for practitioners has been published monthly in Financial Planning magazine since 1996. He's currently...

Tax And Estate Planning For IRAs After The SECURE Act

Register NowThe SECURE Act is law and it changes retirement income planning, but its most sweeping impact is to estate planning. At this 1-credit CPE/CE webinar, Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, covers the full spectrum of new planning situations fiduciaries must know about now that the SECURE Act is law, including:• Impact of 10-year RMDs on heirs • Exceptions to the 10-year rule• Selecting the right heir to receive an IRA• New spousal rollover trap and disclaimer planning • Taxation of trusts...

SECURE Act Alert For Advisors

At live CPE webinars for CPAs, and CE webinars for CFP®s (replay anytime). Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, has been warning advisors that a sweeping new tax bil was likely to change retirement investment planning significantly before the end of 2019. Finally, last week, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019 (SECURE Act) was signed into law. Advisors who have been attending A4A CE webinars for tax and financial planning professionals have been...

Fritz Meyer Quarterly Economic Update, January 2020 (Two Credits)

Please join us for Fritz Meyer's two-hour quarterly economic update webinar for January.Fritz's monthly updates averaged a 4.9-star rating for the past year, and past performance is an indicator of future results: data-driven strategic long-term analysis for professional investors. To collaborate with Fritz deeply, request a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Fritz was the strategist at one of the world's largest investment companies...

2020 Compliance For RIAs

Please join us for Cathy Vasilev's 2020 RIA compliance webinar. Cathy brings more than 25 years of compliance and supervisory expertise in independent broker-dealers, wire-house broker/dealers, and RIAs. Cathy served as the Assistant Vice President of Supervisory Systems and Controls at NFP Securities, an independent broker/dealer, and RIA. She was an Associate Manager for Prudential where she supervised 75 representatives, performing all compliance functions for the branch. She began...

Showing Clients Retirement Portfolio Risk Variables

How can advisors help clients quantify retirement risk? Count these ways Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., teaches at this professional education class: • backtest withdrawal rates as well as the RMD • show the effects of varying portfolio expense ratios and advisory fees • adjust performance to simulate more pessimistic terminal portfolio values • show the terminal values of portfolios with different asset allocations during accumulation years versus during retirement   Want to share...

2020 Financial & Tax Planning Practitioner Guidance

Federal taxes are simpler for most Americans but more complex for many advisor clients.The TCJA rendered obsolete much of the tax and financial advice you gave just a couple of years ago.Meanwhile, the nation's $1 trillion deficit and spiraling long-term debt makes a tax hike more likely, with a national election less than a year away, and with stocks near an all-time high, as low yields and low inflation re-frame a fiduciary's perspective on portfolio management.Against this backdrop,...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update, December 2019

A year ago, the Fed hiked rates, triggering a brief bear market in stocks. Today, the Fed has uninverted the yield curve, and generally positive data have pushed stocks to new record highs.  Record-high employment coupled with record-high real wages have investors expecting that consumer spending will drive GDP growth, despite weak manufacturing and exports. A slowdown is not on the horizon and tariff cuts could be in the works.At 19X trailing earnings, the S&P 500 is fully valued. At...

Asset Class Performance Shifts Since 1970

How can advisors help clients better understand the seasonal shifts among prominent asset classes in their portfolio over long periods of time? At this session, Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., an expert on strategic, low-expense, broadly diversifying portfolios for the long run examines:• performance of major asset classes decade by decade from 1970  • the efficient frontier by decade, revealing large fluctuations in where asset classes fall on the frontier over timer Want to share Craig's...

Roth IRAs Transformed By New Tax Rules & Low Rates

Optimizing retirement income for clients requires a fiduciary to understand taxation of Roth IRAs, but the landscape has been drastically altered by last year's revision to the U.S. Tax Code and unprecedented low-interest rates, a condition that may last decades.Meanwhile, U.S. demographics are driving demand for objective retirement income planning advice, making knowledge about Roth IRA conversion and recharacterization a key area of specialization. Failure to understand the...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update, November 2019

With its third rate cut on October 30th, the Fed uninverted the yield curve. Third quarter GDP showed consumers drove growth despite no contribution from investment and net exports. Meanwhile, disposable personal income showed impressive gains and the personal savings rate is surging even as Americans are spending. As a result of all this good economic news, stocks just hit new record highs.At 18.8X trailing 12-month earnings, the S&P 500 is fully valued. At 17.1X 2020 earnings estimates,...

2019 Year-End Tax Planning Guidance For Investment Advisers

If tax-efficient investing and income tax planning separate you from competitors, please tune in to this 2019 year-end tax planning class.The tools and tips in this presentation will allow you to manage your client's income tax burden effectively.At this session, Robert Keebler will cover the following items which will be critical to consider before year-end:• Tax reform & bracket management• Gain & loss harvesting• Education planning• Retirement income planning• 199A...

Illustrating The Key Determinants Of Investment Success

Does your rate of return have more impact on your portfolio's growth over your lifetime than your savings rate? How can advisors illustrate the dynamics of the key determinants of financial success over the course of an investor's lifetime?  At this session, Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., an expert on strategic, low-expense, broadly diversifying portfolios for the long run:• introduces the notion of a "12x" retirement account balance• examines the historical savings rate in the United...

Fritz Meyer Quarterly Economic Update, October 2019 (Two Credits)

"In my 40-year career, I've never seen such strength all at once in consumer income, spending, and saving, as well as employment household net-worth," says Fritz Meyer, economist.CBO and the Fed, respectively, forecast 2019 GDP growth of +2.3% and +2.2%. Despite the trade war, the plunge in manufacturing, and a contraction in Germany's Q2 GDP, the U.S. is beating CBO's long-term forecast for a +1.8% annualized growth rate through 2029. At 18X trailing earnings, stocks are fully valued. Low...


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