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30 Common Types Of Trusts: Part 1

Trusts have re-emerged as an important instrument for tax and financial planning professionals to distinguish themselves from salespeople. Trusts have always been crucial to ultra-high net worth individuals, and the SECURE Act, which is expected to be signed later this year, expands the use of trusts to individuals with IRAs of $1 million or more.This is the first of a two-class course on trusts, part of A4A's focus on skills you need now. It also differentiates you from financial...

Talking With Clients About The Next Bear Market

Heightened fear of a recession makes it wise to prepare to talk with clients about what a bear market might look like. This is a lifeboat drill!You'll leave this session with the key points for talking with clients about the risk of a bear market right now -- what the next bear market might be like for them. Bracing for the worst is what financial planners do, in the hope it's all for naught. Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., who has published monthly articles in Financial Planning about...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update, August 2019

Economist Fritz Meyer spends most days hiking, climbing, gardening, or alpine-skiing, and thinking about the current economic situation. Fritz is hiking in Canada this week and preparing for this monthly update about:• the Fed rate cut• stock valuations• S&P 500 earnings expectations • better-than-expected 2Q GDP growth• China-U.S. trade war escalation• the global slowdown ex-US• the complicated Trump-Fed relationshipFritz was a successful mutual fund portfolio manager in the mid-1990s at...

Form 1041: Income Taxation Of Trusts & Estates

As a fiduciary advising consumers, you need to know about trusts and estates subject to federal income tax. Compliance requires understanding concepts covered in this class, including:• simple versus complex, grantor, and charitable trusts• taxable income versus fiduciary accounting income• distributable net income (DNI)• IRC 663(b), aka "the 65-day rule" Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, earned an average rating of more than 4.8 out of five stars from A4A members in his last 12 monthly...

Managed Payout Income Replacement Funds vs Annuities

For fiduciaries advising individuals on retirement income planning, annuities guarantee income but usually carry high expenses. Despite their shortcomings for consumers, annuities remain extremely popular, as advisors with securities sales licenses earn commissions and lock down client assets for years with withdrawal penalties.An alternative for converting retirement savings into regular monthly payments over a defined period is a managed payout fund. These are income replacement...

Fritz Meyer Quarterly Economic Update, July 2019 (Two Credits)

The latest survey of economists portends no recession, despite the tariffs and evidence of a global slowdown. While every recession since WWII has been preceded by an inverted yield curve, on a few rare occasions the yield curve has inverted but the Fed chopped rates in time to avert a recession. For now, the stock market is discounting the latter scenario. May's strong personal income and retail sales data have bolstered investors' positive outlook, taking the S&P 500 to a new record...

2019 Planning For The SALT Limitation & Charitable Contributions

In 2018, when the standard deduction doubled, and state and local tax deductions were capped at $10,000, traditional tax planning to maximize itemized deductions was shattered.However, planning to mitigate the cost of the SALT cap is possible and often prudent. Moreover, the changes compel the charitably inclined to embrace more complicated strategies.This session covers tactics and long-term strategic plans to reduce your clients' income tax burden following the "simplification" of...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update, June 2019

Uniformly positive economic fundamentals of early May have turned mixed.At this class, Fritz reviews the yield curve, comparing current conditions to previous inversions. Does it mean a recession is coming?Professionals come away from this class able to make fact-based judgments about earnings, bond yields, and inflation. Fritz also discusses a hidden risk in fixed-income mutual funds he's uncovered in the Fed's recently-released Financial Stability Report -- a finding not yet covered in the...

10 Human Instincts Skewing Perception Of World Trends

Ten instincts cause virtually everyone to misunderstand the world, according to Swedish scholar Hans Rosling.At this session, Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., draws upon the work of Dr. Rosling as a preface to evaluating a variety of global metrics showing things are better than you might think.Facts and forecasts of trends in global population, world income distribution, and what you used to call "emerging markets" may surprise you and alter your investment perspective. We’ll cover:• 13...

Fritz Meyer Special Session On The Yield Curve

Growing concerns about the yield curve prompted this breaking news session by Fritz Meyer. The Federal Reserve Board made a big mistake with the December 19th rate hike, Fritz says, and the yield curve flattened to the point of inversion this week. Every recession since 1954 has been preceded by an inverted yield curve. Unless it reverses course, Fritz says the Fed will, once again, end up "behind the curve" and cause the next recession.  An average of 90 professionals monthly over the last...

Illustrating Retirement Portfolio Outcomes For Clients

At this session, you'll learn:• a rigorous but easy way to illustrate the accumulation phase of a retirement portfolio• how to simulate the distribution phase based on a wide variety of client-driven variables • a professional process for analyzing a client's portfolio survival rate on the fly based on RMD or non-RMD situations   • a practical approach for fiduciaries to illustrate, real-time in meetings with clients, the difference in portfolio growth based on asset allocation...

IRA Life Expectancy Payout Changes Require Urgency

Beneficiaries of stretch IRAs will get slammed by higher taxes under pending legislation that’s expected shortly to become federal law, triggering a need for urgent action to shield inherited and spousal IRAs from higher taxes.Life expectancy payouts on IRAs are likely to be shortened to only five- or 10-years instead of being based on a beneficiary's actuarial life expectancy. This legislation has strong bipartisan support and is supported by the President.Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS,...

Life Settlements For Fiduciaries

Download The SlidesLife settlements can be a useful solution to specific financial problems, but they are illiquid, opaque, and complex instruments. Glenn Daily, a fee-only insurance advisor since the mid-1980s, leads this one-hour CE course for fiduciaries. Glenn, who has collaborated with A4A since its inception a decade ago, is the co-founder of TellUsTheOdds.com, a new application targeted to advisors and their clients to evaluate life settlements. Glenn will discuss when life...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update, May 2019

The latest economic data suggests that a recession clearly isn't in the cards any time soon, making it highly likely that this expansion, now at 119 months, will surpass the record 120 months. And equally likely, given negative unit labor costs arising from booming productivity, is that inflation isn't likely to present the Fed with a reason to raise rates for the foreseeable future.Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is trading right at fair value, which means stocks could be expected to trend...


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