Webinars With Industry Experts

Revenge Of The Nerds V: Strategies For CPA Financial Planners

Yes, there were three sequels to Revenge Of The Nerds, and it is because nerds are loveable, competent and trustworthy. As an accounting and financial planning professional, CPA-financial planners have a competitive advantage because of the rigorous requirements to earn your credentials. Leveraging your natural abilities can be extremely effective in marketing, but CPAs generally struggle to market themselves, especially as CPA financial planners. Looking beyond compliance...

Smart Beta: Useful Or Not?

This webinar will review the attributes of market-cap weighting and other weighting schemes often referred to as "smart beta." Performance of "smart beta" funds will be compared with traditional market-cap weighted fund performance. In addition, the performance of a multi-asset portfolio comprised of smart beta funds will be compared against a multi-asset portfolio comprised of cap-weighted funds. Dr. Craig Israelsen, who has taught graduates and undergraduates about family...

2017 Compliance For RIAs

    With securities regulators keenly focused on the increasing decentralization of investment advice, 2017 is shaping up to be another busy compliance year for RIAs. In this webinar, you'll hear about: • DOL fiduciary rules for April 2017 and beyond • Fraud and cyber-attack policies • Don't become a custodian without knowing it • New rules on business continuity and key-person risk • Ensuring remote persons follow your firm's policies • Testing and verifying you are doing a good job...

Fine-Tuning Office 365 For RIAs And Introducing Microsoft Flow

Owners of an RIA all too often scratch the surface of Office 365’s capabilities. This sessions provides practical tips on administering Office 365 and introduces a just-released new application, Microsoft Flow. At this session, you’ll also learn about: • Adding users and licenses fast • Getting support from Microsoft • What's under the Settings tab • When to check the Health tab • An Introduction to Microsoft Flow Advanced settings in Microsoft's cloud enables advisory firms to...

Fritz Meyer Special Session: Donald J. Trump's Victory

Independent economist Fritz Meyer will speak at a special A4A session today to address the shocking President-Elect Donald J. Trump. What’s it mean to: • U.S. stocks • The future of Fed policy • Trade relations • The U.S. dollar From 1999 to 2008, Fritz Meyer was the senior strategist at one of the world’s largest investment companies. In April 2009, he became chief investment strategist for independent professionals and has presented monthly webinars...

Rebalancing: An Act Of Courage

This presentation reviews the logic, mechanics and value in portfolio rebalancing and why judgments by an advisor can be important in making rebalancing decisions. We’ll give you the talking points to explain the math of rebalancing, complete with illustrations of key concepts. We’ll quantify the performance edge achieved by systematically rebalancing a multi-asset portfolio over the past 46 years. Dr. Craig Israelsen, who has taught graduates and undergraduates...

Mobile Devices And Management For Advisors Using Office 365

The promise of Office 365 is connecting remotely to your files in the cloud using any device — whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road. This session reviews tools and techniques for using Office 365 from anywhere, including: • Adding Office 365 accounts to mobile devices • Registering devices for MDM • Device wipe • Mobile Apps for Users • Mobile Admin app Advanced settings in Microsoft's cloud enables advisory firms to automate policies and procedures...

Designing Portfolios For Accumulation And Distribution Lifecycles

This presentation reviews the historical relationship between an individual investor’s savings rate and portfolio design to show you the impact on retirement readiness. Drawing on over 90 years of history, we'll review survival rates of retirement portfolios with a range of accumulation and withdrawal rates. We’ll examine the survival rates of portfolios with different risk profiles based on data since 1926. We’ll zero in on how to talk to investors about the...

Sharing Your Unique Abilities With Office 365

  In the highly-regulated financial advice profession, independent advisors sharing ideas using Office 365 unlocks competitive advantages driven by their unique ideas — the intellectual property, processes, and practices only they can provide. However, Office 365 unlocks these benefits only if you take time to learn how to use it. At this session, we’ll go over basic and advanced features in sharing documents in Office 365’s cloud-based system. For an advisor leading a team, Office 365...

Inflation And Investing Since 1970

Major asset classes in low-inflation periods behave different from times of high inflation. While everyone knows gold is an inflationary hedge, the performance history of other asset classes in times of high and low inflation is less well-known. At this session, Dr. Craig Israelsen, who has taught about family financial management to graduate and undergraduate students for over two decades, teaches advisors about this crucial issue affecting long-term investors, including: • Various...

Outlook For Financial Advisors Using Microsoft Office 365

  Office 365 gives RIAs the best application on the planet for managing email. At this webinar, we'll show how an advisory firm can use Outlook and Microsoft cloud's most important features to streamline email management. We will cover: • Connecting multiple accounts to Office 365 • Calendars and connectivity to Office 365 • Shared email accounts • Groups • Contacts Outlook is based on Microsoft’s 30 years of experience in systems for regulated businesses. Advanced settings in...

Performance And Risk Metrics For Clients

    While standard deviation is commonly-used as a measure of risk, it is not how clients think of risk. To understand the nature of risk, negative returns and the worst one-year return in a long period are often more enlightening.  When clients have a clear understanding of the performance and risk attributes of their portfolios, they are more likely to stay committed to their game plan. At this session, Dr. Craig Israelsen, an expert in investment analytics, talks about...

Investment Basics For Advisors To Teach Prospects And Clients

    Where do you start with a prospect? How do you ensure you and your clients start off right and stay on the same track? At this webinar, Dr. Craig Israelsen, a professor who has taught family financial management at universities for over two decades, talks about the tenets of investing that investment advisors should be sharing with their clients and prospects. This webinar provides an overview of the "why" and "how" of investing based broad diversification and strategic asset...

Compliance Features For Advisors In Microsoft Office 365

You can configure and use Microsoft Office 365 to help meet SEC, state, and FINRA regulations, including: • Security permission levels • Hold, Search, Investigation • How to archive • What gets archived • Progress toward SEC 17a-4 compliance At this session, we’ll show you how to benefit from the Microsoft Cloud’s enterprise. These features were engineered based on Microsoft’s 30 years of experience in developing systems for regulated businesses. These advanced settings in...


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