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RIA PPP Disclosure Requirements

RIAs that receive a PPP loan must disclose it on ADV Part 2 under Item 18, raising many questions for RIAs. Compliance consultant Cathy Vasilev, founder of Red Oak Compliance Services of Austin, Texas, has spent the past two months seeking answers from the SEC to RIA questions and shares her expertise in this 14-minute update for A4A members.  

PPP Update For Advisors, June Edition

Financial advisors need to know about stiff new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness rules, the application process, and new applications forms. SBA launched the PPP on April 3, 2020 and loaned 1.66 million businesses $342.3 billion in 14 days. A second tranche of $310 billion of U.S. Government funding became effective on April 24 and is being distributed now. With a third tranche of Government funding very possible, newly released IRS...

Key Concepts For Fiduciaries In Designing Low-Expense Portfolios

How much difference in performance is there between an aggressive portfolio and a conservative one in the long run? Perhaps less than you might think. How do you design portfolios for the long run knowing that clients often judge them over the short-run? This class examines in the accumulation stage and distribution years, ranging from very aggressive to very conservative and in-between. Craig Israelsen, Ph.D, covers: 50 years of modern portfolio...

Coronavirus Tax Relief: New Rules For Tapping Retirement Plans And IRAs

(May 21, 2020, 7:30 p.m. EST) The tax relief regulations published by the IRS two weeks ago, in an unusual Q&A format, enable early withdrawals from qualified plans and IRAs for those harmed by the covid-19 epidemic. That’s a really big deal. Right? Yes, but Bob Keebler says that the SECURE Act is an even bigger deal! Point is, this is the most challenging time ever for tax and financial advisors. Financial planners are bombarded with one...

Low Inflation, Rates Near Zero: Fritz Meyer Updates

(Sunday, May 10, 2020, 6:45 p.m.)  Why did the stock market surge 3.4% last week despite diasastrous economic releases from ISM, IMF, and BLS?  This 10-miinute update is a preview of Tuesday's one-hour CE webinar for advisors who members of A4A ($120).    Coronavirus updates for advisors on A4A are posted much more often than our monthly obligation. You still pay just $120 a year but Fritz and I are upping our game to support...

Low Inflation, Rates Near Zero: Fritz Meyer Updates

  (May 6, 2020, 6 p.m. EST)  The video on the right for business owners who have not applied for PPP adds perspective from Fritz Meyer's last weekly update, which is discussed direclty below. Most entrepreneurs have never applied for government assistance and may be reluctant to do so now, even though they legitimately qualify and could it. They need to know  the flood of U.S. Government largess in response to the public health...

Correcting Misleading Portfolio Illustrations Consumers Often Face

This webinar addresses two misleading portfolio illustrations investors commonly face and introduces an "Almanac Of Asset Allocation."   The Almanac is a an in-depth review of the past 40 years of performance for seven major asset classes and three diversified, multi-asset portfolios. Unprecedented economic crisis spawned by the Coronavirus makes this analysis of diversified portfolio returns important and...

Fritz Meyer Quarterly Economic Update, April 2020 (One Credit)

  ADVISOR RESOURCES ON CORONAVIRUS FINANCIAL CRISIS Fritz Meyer Answers Advisor Questions, April 16, 2020 Federal Reserve announces extensive new measures to support the economy April 14, 2020, free CE webinar for A4A members Transcript of Fritz's Remarks, April 2, 2020 Host a webinar for clients with Fritz Meyer...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update: Stimulus Package (Extra A4A Session)

Fritz will speak about the economic effects of the tax stimulus package and the Federal Reserve's balance sheet tools. The pending legislation would fund $2 trillion in relief to taxpayers and businesses, and it also would enable the Fed to add up to $4.5 trillion to keep credit flowing through the crisis.Fritz's monthly updates averaged a 4.9-star rating for the past year, and past performance is an indicator of future results: data-driven strategic long-term analysis for...

Tax Planning After The Covid-19 Crash And Recovery Bill

This 1 credit continuing education webinar about the Paycheck Protection Program, CARES Act,  Economic Injury Disaster Loans, received a rating of 9.6 rating out of 10 from attendees of the live session on April 2, 2020. On April 4, 2020, Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, answered about 40 questions from attendees about the PPP, CARES Act, EIDL, and other urgent information. Play the 20-minute Q&A (free to A4A members) Read the transcript    After Bob's webinar on April 2, A4A economist Fritz...

The Coronavirus Crisis, Managing Cash, And Rebalancing

With the coronavirus spreading fear, members are invited to submit their questions in advance about the recent plunge and how it's affecting strategic portfolios.The principal topic is the value of cash holdings in a diversified portfolio over nearly 100 years, with a focus on the past two decades. In addition, the outcome of rebalancing a multi-asset portfolio during bear markets over the past 20 years will be examined.Want to share Craig's content with clients? This email address is...

Opportunities Post-Correction, And Amid Low Interest Rates

In the harsh light of financial terms, the Covid-19 stock market drop presents a tax and financial planning opportunity for millions of Americans.At this session, Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, speaks about situations practitioners must look out for, amid the ongoing  correction and financial angst over the outbreak, including:• Portfolio management opportunities• Loss harvesting for individuals, trusts and estates• Charitable donations and CRTs• Benefiting from lower interest rates•...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update, March 2020, Replay

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 -- Yesterday's live webinar was postponed due to technical difficulties, but Fritz Meyer's full presentation was recorded last night and posted this morning for replay.       A4A is innovating new ways to enable you to collaborate with Fritz, Bob Keebler, Craig Israelsen and other A4A members on breaking news events. To ensure you get notifications promptly, log in to Advisors4Advisors.com and edit your profile to include their cell phone number. To receive A4A and...

Fritz Meyer Economic Update: 10% Coronavirus Correction (Extra A4A Session)

On Thursday, Coronavirus fears caused the S&P 500  to plunge more than 10% from its recent all-time high.Whenever the a correction occurs, A4A adds breaking news coverage. Join us at 3 p.m. ET Friday for a brief  session to hear economist Fritz Meyer's analysis of the situation. Fritz's monthly updates averaged a 4.9-star rating for the past year, and past performance is an indicator of future results: data-driven strategic long-term analysis for professional investors.To collaborate with...


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