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Advisors Sound Off On Financial Advisor Webinar Series

It's been just over a year since we started the Financial Advisor Webinar Series in the throes of the global financial crisis, and I have to say it's been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career.

The Series started out as a way to support advisors at a time when it looked like the global economic system was about to collapse, and it was originally known as The Financial Crisis Webinar Series. Over the past year, as we backed away from the edge of the abyss, we've continued the webinars every Friday at 4 p.m.

We've been privileged to produce sessions that inform advisors about how to run their businesses better and cope with the upheaval of recent months. And advisors have responded.

About 200 advisors attend the live sessions and another 300 listen to replays every week. And more advisors steadily continue to participate.

Last week's session featured compliance specialist Chris Winn, of AdvisorAssist, offering tips on 2010 compliance planning for RIAs. He was great. (See comments from attendees below.)

We ask advisors to fill in a survey after each webinar. The average rating of attendees at this session was 4.4, putting it among the highest rated of the 49 sessions we've produced.

What amazes me is that from last February, when we started systematically tabulating the ratings of each session, through the end of August, only two sessions had better than a 4.4 average rating. However, five of the last eight sessions has a rating of 4.4 or better. (And we're getting these high scores despite my clumsy skills as a moderator!) Your feedback is genuinely appreciated.

Please remember that many of the sessions are eligible for continuing education credit from the CFP Board of Standards. Also, keep in mind that you can receive free CE credit by attending any of the live sessions, and you can get CE credit on replays of many sessions by becoming a member of our new advisor practice management portal,

Below is feedback from attendees of last Friday's session about RIA compliance. Please join us at an upcoming session or log in to A4A to discuss any webinar with other advisors.

Comments and feedback from advisors who attended 2010 RIA Compliance Planning with Chris Winn of AdvisorAssist:

  • Thank you - just keep doing it.

  • Very informative. My first look at Advisors for Advisors.

  • Excellent

  • Great timing for a compliance webinar. Thank you for the presentation.

  • Good topic coverage

  • It is refreshing to have someone who can speak compliance language in easily understandable terms. Chris obviously knows his stuff.

  • Great session. One of your best yet.

  • Terrific content! Wish we had time for more questions.

  • Very informative, good supporting visuals, well presented.

  • Really great info...too much for one hour!

  • Great webinar. The best one that I've seen from Advisor Products

  • This one was fantastic

  • No complaints

  • Excellent, Chris made the subject matter very understandable. Thank you

  • Very informative

  • Great webinar! Gets you started thinking about the different issues to address.

  • This was truly a great webinar and I thank you so much for providing this to us. Great job!

  • Excellent presentation. Very helpful.

  • Excellent content

  • Considering the amount of potential info and the time available it was very well done.

  • I thought it was great, would love to get copies of the slides.

  • Well done and useful

  • Fantastic + extremely useful - one of the BEST you have ever hosted. full of very useful + actionable items.

  • Great Webinar. Can't think of anything you could have done to improve it.

  • Excellent - very good topic choice - obviously, a topic like this will have many basic components to it as well as some issue some just venturing into the fray may think are overwhelming, but the presenter did a nice job of balancing so there was something for everybody (more than likely) to take away

  • It was helpful. thank you.

  • Outstanding informative and very comforting.

  • I learned a few new things such as the potential for the SEC to raise the minimum assets under management to $100,000,000 to be registered with them

  • Important issues most advisors don't work with on a daily basis

  • Nice outline of issues.

  • Covered a lot of material I already knew but was good to be reminded anyway.

  • Good overview for office manager, though went fast and I'll need to review the replay

  • Good coverage of some of the basics of compliance. The idea of a Compliance Calendar is useful.

  • Good information. Condense and do more frequently.

  • I thought it was very well done. Chris is knowledgeable and shared that information well. I appreciated his willingness to spend extra time answering questions afterward.

  • It is a dry subject, but overall it was packed with important info.

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