Webinars With Industry Experts

Using LinkedIn To Attract New Clients

In his March 27 appearance at the Financial Crisis Webinar Series, John Comer, a marketing coach to advisors who has over 28 years of experience, spoke about how you can use LinkedIn to find new prospects. Now he explains how you can use LinkedIn to help prospects find you.

Twitter For Advisors

As a financial advisor, should you care about Twitter? The answer is “yes.” You need to know about Twitter to network with other professionals, referral sources, and thought leaders as well as to find new clients, serve as a financial clearinghouse to clients, and stay current with online marketing. Twitter is growing more than five times faster than the second-fastest growing social networking site, according to Nielsen.com. It’s revolutionary because it brings people with...

Life Planning And The Financial Crisis

How can you make your business less susceptible to market gyrations? Can the advice you give be more meaningful and fulfilling--not just to your clients but also for yourself? George Kinder, perhaps the financial planning profession's best teacher, addresses these and other key issues advisors are facing. Kinder explains you how to create life plans for clients that address their family relationships, spiritual needs, and willingness to help others--enduring goals beyond the financial advice...

Advanced Marketing For Advisors

How can you use Google Alerts to research a niche market? Have you ever issued a press release through an Internet news distribution service? How can you find out exactly what services you offer that each of your clients cares about most? In this session, Andrew Gluck, an Internet research and marketing expert, shows you to: • Use Free Internet Services For Niche Marketing • Find Prospects On LinkedIn • Issue Press Releases Inexpensively...

Advisors Using Social Networking Successfully

Social networking is growing at an astounding rate, and financial advisors are taking notice. There's no doubt that social networking is a powerful marketing medium, but can it benefit financial advisors? Are there advisors who have been using these new social networking sites and have had much success?   In this session of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series, you'll hear from advisors who are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter to identify prospects and communicate better...

Mission Possible: The Link Between Operational Efficiency And Human Capital

The recent market fallout is putting clients in motion, resulting in major opportunities for top firms to gain new clients. However, many firms also won't be able to survive this painful recession.   At this session of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series, Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, shows you what factors make up a great advisory firm, and steps you can take to take your business to the next level.   Before taking the reins of Pershing's custodial business...

What To Tell Investors Now: Speaking With Clients And Prospects About The Bear Market

Their portfolios have dropped 20% or 30% in value and the global economy is in disarray. What do you say to clients and prospects now?   You’ll learn exactly what to say in this session, which covers a range of talking points including:   · Can A Government Bailout Fix Our Problems? · Four Dangerous Words Uttered By Investors · How To Deal With A Crisis Of Confidence · What To Do If You're 50, 60, or 70 · What Would Warren Buffet Do?...

Privacy Law, Data Security And Financial Advisors

New privacy laws enacted in Massachusetts and Nevada are part of a national trend imposing additional responsibilities on advisors. If your firm’s computers, PDAs, or servers store Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information (PII) about your clients, it’s wise to attend this session to learn about: When you must comply with privacy laws enacted by states other than your home state Policies to document to mitigate your risk Measures you must take to...

Going Paperless 2.0

Taking your firm’s procedures online can improve efficiency and client service. Yet many firms struggle in going paperless because they do it piecemeal instead of embracing a systematic process. In this webinar, Jo Day, managing partner of Trumpet Inc., will teach you the right way to integrate your firm’s documents, workflow processes, and software platforms. You’ll learn to: Retrieve information based on how you naturally think and your role in the firm Achieve...

Embedding Processes In Your CRM

An effective CRM system is essential to successful practice management. It helps you track and improve client service and manage your support staff. But to maximize this technology, you need to embed processes into your CRM system. In this session, Blane Warrene, a technology and operations consultant to financial advisors, will show you how. Warrene has 18 years of experience in broker/dealer and RIA technology and operations, focusing on investment and insurance systems integration,...

2010 Compliance Planning For RIAs

With 2009 coming to a close, now is a good time to improve your compliance procedures for 2010. In this webinar, you will learn about: • 25 crucial dates for your 2010 compliance calendar • Integrating compliance into your firm’s day-to-day tasks to reduce costs • A proactive strategic plan to minimize compliance risks before something goes wrong Guest speaker Chris Winn is a co-founder and managing principal of AdvisorAssist™, a compliance consulting firm, and...

2010 Business Planning

In this webinar, Scott Cohen, managing director of Focus Partners LLC, explained what you need to do to effectively grow your business in 2010. He discussed: • How business planning and goal setting can have a dramatic impact on performance • Common components of the business plan • Specific areas of focus that will provide the greatest impact on results   Focus Partners provides practice management program design services that help individuals and teams of...

Using Client Feedback To Drive Referrals

Knowing what clients need, want, and expect is the key to increasing referrals. But you must have a clear process in place for gathering their feedback. In this week's session of the Financial Crisis Webinar Series, Julie Littlechild, president and founder of Advisor Impact, will present a step-by-step process that you can implement immediately to help you gather and maximize feedback from your clients. Founded in 1998, Advisor Impact is a leading provider of research, training, and tools...

Compliance, Operations, And Marketing For Advisors Going Independent

The first session of the Advisors Going Independent Webinar Series took place on Wednesday October 14 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Joining host Andrew Gluck for the webinar were two other experts in independent advisor operations and compliance.   Blane Warrene has 18 years of experience in broker/dealer and RIA technology and operations, focusing on investment and insurance systems integration, broker/dealer operations management, process design and implementation, and strategic...


How and why does the Advisor Products system work?

In today’s times, when consumers have become more demanding and tech-savvy, financial advisors must use content marketing to attract, inspire, engage, and convert their prospective customers.

A good content strategy is focused on developing and distributing consistent, valuable content to engage and retain prospective customers and target audience, via your website. Our content library provides financial advisors with fresh, high-quality financial content that is updated regularly, improving SEO along the way. And our automated e-newsletter and social media tools allow advisors to reach out to clients and prospects in an easy-to-use manner, providing frequent touch points for optimal brand building.

  • Differentiate you from competitors
  • Expose clients and prospects to your brand message more frequently
  • Build an ongoing relationship with customers
  • Increase your follows and fans on social media
  • Drive more prospects to your website
  • Help convert prospects into leads
  • Increase number of pages indexed in Google
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