Webinars With Industry Experts

What’s New At Schwab Performance Technologies?

Schwab Performance Technologies (SPT) is one of the most influential technology companies serving advisors. SPT’s parent provides custody services to more than 6,000 RIAs. Its PortfolioCenter software is used by 3,300 RIAs and SPT’s PortfolioServices solution is gaining traction with firms seeking to outsource portfolio management to a web-based service. At this session, you’ll learn about: The latest features in PortfolioCenter and PortfolioServices SPT’s...

Precious Metals: Can The Rally Continue?

The post-financial-crisis policy of easing and money creation on an unprecedented scale could lead to economic uncertainty, currency debasement, and inflation. With a declining U.S. dollar and the erosion of purchasing power, real assets are a compelling option in diversified portfolios. This webinar covers: fundamentals driving prices of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium long-and short-term supply and demand dynamics effects of metals on a diversified portfolio...

The 401k Upheaval And How It Affects Advisors

Federal law encourages one-on-one investment advice to 401(k) plan participants, but regulations expected shortly from the Department of Labor may limit qualified advisors to fiduciaries. Plan participants, meanwhile, struggle with how to invest in the wake of losses suffered in last year’s meltdown. In this webinar, you’ll learn about: What’s at stake for advisors in the legislative battle now under way Best and worst advisor 401(k) practices...

Marketing And Compliance Essentials For A New RIA

When going independent, how can you quickly and cost effectively begin marketing? And what are the compliance issues you must deal with?   In this webinar, you'll learn about the essential tools for helping you market your newly independent RIA and their compliance solutions: Creating a dynamic marketing website Email newsletters to support your message Securely sharing documents with clients Turn-key client newsletters Advertising rules on websites,...

Sizing Up Performance Reporting Outsourcing Solutions

With fees down yet clients more demanding than ever, outsourcing performance reporting is a more attractive choice for many advisors. Today's best systems meet requirements for customization and are backed by companies with expertise in investment operations and processes. But many differences separate outsourcing solutions. At this session, you'll learn how to evaluate an outsourcing provider and see features being offered by one of the industry's leaders, Advent Software. You'll also...

Communicating And Winning New Business In A Challenging Time

Bob Veres and Spenser Segal provide advisors with ideas about communicating with clients through times of severe market turbulence. Veres, editor of Inside Information, a practice management newsletter for advisors with 1,500 subscribers, spoke about the emotional angst many advisors are feeling as a result of the financial crisis. Regulatory agencies that have limitless resources and are responsible for monitoring financial markets failed to understand the risk of credit default swaps,...

Growing Your Practice And Managing Portfolios In Turbulent Times

Frank Maselli, author and consultant to financial advisors, provided five steps to growing an advisory business in today's difficult market. Michael Kitces of Pinnacle Advisory Group discussed the financial crisis and what it will take for the economy to recover.

Two Experts On Investing Now: Cautious And Opportunistic

Bill Bengen, best known to advisors for his research on "safe" retirement withdrawal rates, speaks about the market's crash and the economic crisis that precipitated it. In the second half of the session, Greg Brousseau of Cental Park Group LLC, which distributes alternative investments to independent advisors, speaks about opportunistic investments in distressed securities, such as mortgage debt trading at deep discounts.

Understanding The Global Crisis And How It Affects Financial Planning

In this webinar, David Loeper, CEO of Financeware, warns advisors not to rely too heavily on Monte Carlo simulations and to tell clients always to expect that their financial plans will need to be updated. In the second half of the session, Tom Connelly, CEO of Versant Capital Management, explains the Financial Crisis and warns of future risks.  

Opportunity And Risk In Fixed Income Securities

Mike McGonigle, director of Credit Research at T. Rowe Price Group, speaks about opportunity and risk in fixed income securities. McGonigle discusses how the unprecedented fallout of the financial crisis opened opportunities in municipal bonds and investment-grade corporate bonds. These bonds have seen significant yield increases yet hold only moderate risk. He says that until some stability comes to the financial markets, advisors should seek income protection rather than capital gains.

Capitalizing On Financial Planning Opportunities

Linda Strachan, senior vice president at EISI, talks about the upheaval in the economy and the specific financial problems it is causing for clients. Strachan, CFP licensee who holds a Ph.D. computer science, says that the need for financial planning is greater than ever. With clients worried about losses in their nest egg, she encourages advisors to use planning engagements to deepen relationships and gain new clients.   In the second half of the webinar, Scott Farnsworth, who is an...

Investing In ETFs During The Crisis

Kevin Mahn, portfolio manager of SmartGrowth Mutual Funds, speaks about investing in exchange-traded funds to diversify client assets while incurring expense ratios that are often lower than mutual funds. ETFs are growing faster than ever, in both number and investment volume, according to Mahn. Today there are thousands of ETFs, representing over $1 trillion in assets and invested over all major asset classes and geographical regions.

10 Steps To Recover From The Market Cataclysm

Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC, speaks about shifts advisors can make to recover from the stock market's freefall, which has slashed revenue from AUM fees. To assure survival, advisors must reevaluate fee structures and aggressively cut expenses. Tibergien said firms that adapt find independent financial advice in high demand.

What Clients Expect From Advisors: Findings From A Client Advisory Board Facilitator

Bruce Peters, CEO of CABHQ, a client advisory board facilitator, introduces attendees to client advisory boards (CABs) in this webinar. Client advisory boards help advisors understand the work that is most valued by clients and how to direct resources to those tasks while eliminating work that is not valued or noticed. CABs also help forge longstanding relationships because the client is investing time in helping to improve the advisor's business. Peters explains how you can set up a client...


How and why does the Advisor Products system work?

In today’s times, when consumers have become more demanding and tech-savvy, financial advisors must use content marketing to attract, inspire, engage, and convert their prospective customers.

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