When you market to your clients, you have an opportunity to set a narrative and educate them on news events that can impact their financial well-being.

It's important to be aware of the other channels that try to set their own narrative. No, I'm not talking about your competition. I'm talking about the media.

We all care about today's news. And these news events give you an opportunity to embrace your role as a fiduciary and show clients how news headlines impact your way of helping of them plan for today and tomorrow.

When it comes to marketing and educating your clients around today's headlines, you are competing with big media. But CNBC, Fox, MSNBC and others don't have your clients best interest in mind. Their client is the big businesses that advertise on their networks.

To position yourself as the authority when it comes to today's headlines, you want to be the source of the headlines that have tax, financial planning, and economic consequences.

Take this past week's big story being covered by mainstream media -- The Fed's debate on inflation. Some of the 18 members of the Fed's interest policymaking committee are getting antsy about inflation, which is now clouding the outlook for the 2nd half of 2021.

As an advisor, you can do nothing and not talk about this headline, leaving it up to mainstream media to educate your clients, or you can deliver your own explanation of what is happening.

Advisor Products helps you be the source. This week we have a video, article, transcript, and charts that talk about the Fed's debate and how the Fed has been wrong on inflation for the past decade.

We provide factual content like this to our clients each week. Content that is next level. Content that you can edit and deliver your own explanation on. Impactful, meaningful content that lets you stand apart from everyone else.

Give us a call and we can share how we help advisors be the authority on current news events.

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