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Redtail Now Integrated In AdvisorVault Client Portal

Redtail CRM, one of the most popular CRM systems financial advisors, was released recently on advisor websites that use the AdvisorVault Client Portal.

Integration of Redtail into advisor client portals increases an advisor’s efficiency enormously. It opens a new channel of communication from your CRM to your clients where none existed before.

Integrating data from Redtail into a financial advisor’s client portal automates time-consuming workflows necessary to deliver fantastic client service across an advisor’s entire client base.  

The Redtail CRM interface enables advisors to assign tasks to clients. To assign a client a task, you simply check a box in Redtail that says, “Send to Advisor Products client portal.” That triggers an email notifying a client to check his client portal.

The client clicks on a link in the email notification and logs into his personal portal, where he sees the task you assigned. Each task can become a discussion thread. 

You manage all tasks in Redtail, and your client manages his tasks in your client portal, which is integrated with data from your portfolio reporting, financial planning, and other professional apps as well as a document vault and content fostering long-term client relationships. The client portal is presented as a client dashboard comprised of modern-looking responsive widgets. The Redtail widget is one of many widgets integrated the most popular apps used by independent financial advisors.

This feature in our advisor client portals has been a long time coming. Advisor Products first integrated Redtail into its client portal system in 2007. We built this exact same functionality into a client portal nine years ago. But it was on a Microsoft .NET platform that never took off, and the financial crisis diverted advisors’ attention.

Now the client portal runs on a SharePoint platform, which is relied on by the largest companies in the world.

   Since we worked through all the challenges of integrating CRM workflows with advisor client portals nine years ago, developing the Redtail CRM interface this time was much easier. It looks beautiful and works great across all devices.

At the end of the year, the advisor client portal will be offered as an iOS and Android app. The name of an investment advisory firm will be an app that clients download on smartphones. It will allow alerts from an advisor’s client portal to be listed among “notifications” on any phone or tablet. When you want all your clients to upload their wills, tax returns, or other sensitive documents, you can manage the client communications surrounding that task using your client portal. When you want to remind clients that earnings drive stocks, annual gifting limits have changed, and that their children can help them with digital financial management as they age, the advisor client portal is the way advisors will manage it.

Advisor Products has been saying that advisor client portals are a new kind of application since 2007. With recognition of how the financial services industry is being transformed by robo-advisors in the headlines, Advisor Products’ advisor client portals are finally being embraced. The secret is in honoring clients with the right content.

Since it is all powered by a continuing professional education system for CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, CPWAs, CLUs, ChFCs, EAs, and other financial advice professionals, Advisor Products is uniquely able to communicate continually thought leadership content to advisor clients via advisor client portals.


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