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If retail sales grow and no one sees it, it still causes a boom!

If retail sales climb skyward and no one sees, it still causes a boom. Like the proverbial tree no one sees falling in a forest, the growth in retail sales has a real impact -- after inflation.

Fritz Meyer had a hunch that something did not add up. Retail sales releases month after month have been okay, but based on decades of experience, Fritz knows that inflation often masks real activity. So he built a spreadsheet adjusting for inflation the Census Bureau's retail sales data releases. It revealed a story that the financial press month after month have been missing. Fritz stepped me through his analysis last Friday. As always, he summarized it in a chart.  

Fritz Meyer's brilliant analysis was first reported in an article last Friday in our Financial Advisor News Service. It's being posted to advisory firm YouTube channels tonight, for advisors who subscribe to Advisor Products for content. The headline and a thumbnail of the video we upload on advisor YouTube channels is embedded on a page on advisor websites. It is also embedded in a widget in your email next newsletter. 

This is an important client education alert. Fritz has not taught this material yet on Advisors4Advisors. A4A is our continuing education community for financial professionals.  CFP, CPA/PFS, CIMA, and other get 24/7 access to unlimited CE webinars for just $10 a month.  (CPA credit only live sessions.) 

Although Fritz teaches monthly on A4A, his research process never ends!  Every week, Fritz gathers and reviews the latest data from OECD, IMF, EU, and other sources generally published quarterly,to monitor global fundamentals. Data measuring domestic fundamentals come from another far lengthier list of sources mostly published monthly, including CBO, BLS, NFIB, BEA, ISM, and Ed Yardeni's treasure trove of origibal research. 

Our Friday night weekly investment updates for advisor clients are all of Fritz's best ideas produced in the format each of your clients prefer. To be clear, Fritz's latest analysis is presented in an article on advisor websites and emailed Friday nights starting at 7 p.m. ET. It becomes a video like the one here on Wednesdays.  

The Weeekly Investment Update is sent to advisor clients on Friday nights. It covers breaking news about investing in an email.

The weekly video adds, with the benefit of 48 hours, presents the strategic lesson from Fritz's latest weekly research. When tax and financial planning events merit coverage, the weekly investment update may be based on ideas from Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, a leading educator of egal and accounting orofessionals for decades. . 

The Weekly Financial Planning Update features a news article weekly about Bob's latest tax tips from A4A webinars, as well as research reports teaching clients about low-expense broadly diversified portfolios for retirement income.    

Some clents prefer emails; others prefer video, or text. To engage your community, we enable you to offer your message in all formats.

More important than the form, the substance of our marketing system for advisos is uncommonly intelligent. In addtion, clients want news. They don't need a video explaining the yield curve; they need to know what the yield is doing right now! They need strategic financial wsdom explaining about what's in the headlines now.  

Advisor Products is the consumer version of an education stream for CFP, CPA/PFS. CIMA, and other financial professionals offered on Advisors4Advisors (A4A. In addition to thought leadership from Fritz Meyer, A4A's classes are taught by Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, a top educator of legal and accounting professionals for three decades, and Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., who has taught family financial management at universities and published on low-expense investing for three decades.  

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The video version of this important client education alert will be sent to advisor clients next week. 


Fritz Meyer teaches once a month on

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