Breaking news, like last Monday’s 1000-point Dow drop, challenges financial professionals to meet client expectations. Many advisors did nothing to communicate with clients and contacts. Some might argue that reacting to every dip sends the wrong message to clients. They are deluding themselves.

Your biggest clients, people in their 60s and 70s, are all watching TV. Most get news from a mobile device. The headlines last week could easily have made a nervous retirement investor fearful.

In a world where everyone expects service like Starbucks, not sending clients a message amid major market turmoil opens an opportunity for your competitor to fill the void.

This became crystal clear this past Friday, as I wrote an email newsletter for advisor clients after the market closed. It's for a weekly update we send out on behalf of about 225 RIAs every week. Putting the wild week in proper perspective, I wrote about the chart below provided by economist Fritz Meyer.

The chart highlights eight emotional collapses in stock prices since the near-meltdown of the global financial system commenced in September 2007. Over the eight years, four drops were milder than Monday’s 11.3% plunge from May’s all-time high, which was followed on Tuesday by another 2.3% loss, and then came Wonderful Wednesday, when stocks had their third-biggest one-day gain ever.  


It’s a simple way of illustrating your case for to clients for staying focused on the long-term picture and economic fundamentals in bad times. It’s a reminder of lessons learned in the last financial crisis, and its predecessors.

It does not matter whether you personally write the message. What matters is that you agree with it and that it is sent in the midst of the mayhem to quell emotions as the media focus on headline grabbing financial news with today’s bad news.

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