The vast majority of advisor websites are developed with little forethought and rarely vital to the business of a professional. But advisor websites can and should be the most important app in your practice! It is your interface with the outside world!

Your website should be a place where your clients can see their financial key performance indicators 24/7 at a glance from any device. More importantly, an advisor website should be where clients go to make plans to achieve their dreams. That’s what we provide.

AdvisorVault RoboIA is the new version of the client portal platform we first launched in September 2007. RoboIA adds a highly graphical client dashboard built on Microsoft SharePoint, and it’s integrated with many portfolio management, financial planning and CRM systems. It's unique and no one else does what we're doing.

With the integration with Redtail CRM this week, you can assign clients tasks and track them through completion. Want a client to set up a meeting? Want clients to upload their wills or personal emergency information? Assign it as a task. Using the Advisor Products integration with Constant Contact, you can follow up clients in batches with reminders until all or most clients complete assigned tasks. This is a new way to encourage good investor behavior and coach clients toward achieving their goals. It’s easy for you and clients and screams of the transparency clients yearn for.

Instead of fearing automation of the web, power your business with RoboIA.

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