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Exploiting SECURE Act Before 2019 Ends

The signing of the SECURE Act on December 20, 2019 leaves only a few days to act on implementing major tax savings.  A call to action targeting four tax-saving pre-retiree and retiree situations is available to subscribers to our weekly feed for consumers. It shows how to attract wealthy pre-retirees and retirees by offering smarter tax and investment planning techniques in a news feed.


The last-minute SECURE Act tax-saving strategies are not widely known. They require immediate action as the potential for savings is huge. It's a marketing bonanza for those in the know. For instance, there are methods in which you can set up a special trust in a no-tax state in which you name your heirs as beneficiaries. Done correctly, such a trust could conceivably save them from as many as 10 years of state income taxes on distributions of an inherited IRA. That's just one of the four targets of the call to action created for subscribers to Advisor Products news stream!


Starting in March 2019, at continuing professional education and CE webinars on A4A, Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, repeatedly talked about the tax changes under the newly-passed SECURE Act, and the tax strategies were featured in our FINRA-reviewed articles, videos, tweets, and animated GIFs. By utilizing our multimedia FINRA-reviewed financial planning and tax updates, advisors who subscribe to our weekly feed for consumers alterted their clients to these strategies throughout 2019. However, the remaining days of 2019 present a great opportunity for advisors to generate new business by helping affluent and UNHW individuals.



Taking action by the end of 2019 can save thousands of dollars in taxes for affluent pre-retirees and retirees. Yet you won’t find stories about it in the financial press. Not even the trade press is telling advisors to act! Why?


Only the most educated advisors and clients have mastered all the technicalities involved in Roth conversions, stretch IRAs, spousal disclaimers, and income tax bracket management. As an advisor, you must know all of it to properly advise wealthy individuals on these matters. This important knowledge is scarce. Most advisors simply do not have the attention span to focus on everything collectively. In addition, even if you have the technical proficiency, putting it into terms your clients--normal people--can understand, particularly with the use of FINRA-reviewed content, is an entirely different skill set. 


Our weekly updates on financial planning and taxation are very different from market commentaries we see from other vendors of advisor websites wth FINRA-reviewed content and that are popular among registered reps at independent BDs.  Our weekly investment commentaries, which are FINRA-reviewed, are based on thought leaders like independent economist Fritz Meyer and Dr. Craig Israelsen as well as CPA and tax guru Bob Keebler. If you have a local list of potential clients and referral sources, this week was marketing gold. 


Click on the image below for more info. A4A members can access a 23-minute video of Bob Keebler talking about the SECURE Act year-end tax strategies and upcoming 2020 opportunities.  


For a demo of our content market platform for financial professionals, contact us today. 




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