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When Advisor Email Newsletters Go To Junk, Spam, Or Clutter

Advisor email newsletters often never make it to the intended consumer's Inbox. They go to junk, spam, or clutter folder. What can you do to fight back?  Here's the answer.


Copy and paste the HTML code of your latest email newsletter into an article or blog post on your website and title the post,

We will send you a free aniated GIF to use for yo post if you emailus at  . Feel free to use this animated GIF to attract clicks to the post, which you can share on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. By publicizing a link to you blog post with your email newsletter,  you show people what they are missing out on. You give them a link to sign up to receuve your email newsletter again and tell them to contact you if they cannot find find your email in their junk or clutter folder.  

EXAMPLE: Below is how easy it is and how good it looks when you simply cut and paste a weekly email newsletter ino yu blog.  Of course, it requires five or 10 minutes and human nature is to never do it. 


If you are an Advisor Prodcts Inc. (API) client, we can do it  for you. Chat in a service request.  We'll also show you how to do it yourself next time.

"Advisor-Client communication requires a partnership with a vendor and nobody knows advisor content better than API!"

Andy Gluck Did This With Fritz Meyer And API's Worldwide Team 20190506
It's not a Goldilocks economy; Goldilocks is on steroids! The full rundown, including China trade talks, in under three minutes. Fritz Meyer's weekly analysis in this video by Andy Gluck is a good example of how Advisor Products transforms client communications for an elite brand of financial fiduciaries.
Advisors4Consumers Launches connects consumers with A4A’s top CE credit-earners.
Members with nine or more credit/hours on A4A in the past 12 months are listed on Advisors4Consumers quarterly-updated searchable- by-zip-code directory.
A4A is thought leadership in a CE format, a continually updated stream of
breaking news analysis for financial planning and investment fiduciaries.
Advisors4Consumers replaces LowExpenseInvesting. The new name better reflects A4C's mission. The life settlements class below exemplifies A4A 's CE quality.
Life Settlements For Fiduciaries
While you can find CE courses from insurance product providers about life settlements, you won't find a class with this kind of authoritative analysis for fiduciaries about a field dominated by excess and hidden fees anywhere else.
Glenn Daily
Fee-Only Insurance
One CFP®, CIMA® Credit
Life settlements can be a useful solution to specific financial problems, but they are illiquid, opaque, and complex. Glenn Daily, a fee-only insurance advisor since the mid-1980s, leads this one-hour CE course for fiduciaries.
Glenn is co-founder of, a new application for evaluating life settlements. Glenn shows when life settlements work and when they don’t. He shows fiduciaries how to help clients succeed as sellers in the life settlement market.
Attendees are eligible for a free one-hour online consultation in which Glenn will show you how to evaluate one of your actual client cases using
Replay Fritz Meyer's Latest CE, 2 Credit/Hours
Fritz Meyer
Independent Economist
Last year, Fritz's monthly webinars averaged more than a 4.9 star-rating from A4A members and he's been called a 'national treasure." Fritz delivers an independent assessment of financial economic data monthly and breaking news analysis in times of turmoil.
Replay Bob Keebler's New Trust & Estate Update
Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS
Tax & Financial Planning
The most important tax reform for business owners is Section 199A and now the final regs were released and Bob has important new advanced ideas for business owners and those with pass-through income.
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
Low-Expense Investing
The correlation of MSCI EAFE and the S&P 500, and ways to diversify beyond EAFE and MSCI EM are two of the key topics at this class. Come to understand the variety of ETFs invested in foreign securities indexes, their variance in returns, risk, and other key analytics and how they compare with major non-US equity indexes and mutual funds.
How To Send Weekly Planning Update
Retirement Planning Tool
Listen in as Craig Israelsen, Ph.D. collaborates with A4A member, Pete Deacon, CPA, CFP, on how to use Craig's powerful spreadsheets to show clients retirement income planning scenarios using low-expense investments. more
Free with membership, A4A Personal Pages display your commitment to practices espoused by economist Fritz Meyer, low-expense portfolio strategist, Craig Israelsen, Ph.D. and tax and planning strategies from Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS. Uncork your brand of advice! more
Strategic sPortfolio Design CE
Foreign, Commodities, Fritz Meyer And MPT 
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
Low-Expense Investing
"The lesson to be learned" says one attendee, "is that one should not arbitrarily assign any old index fund to one's portfolio without doing further investigation on performance differences within the same asset class."
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
Independent Economist
If you don't know Craig or are new to A4A, this session is a great place to start. At this class, Craig analyzes the 89 five-year rolling periods and the 59 35-year rolling periods of large- and small-cap stocks, bonds, and cash from 1926 through 2018.
The new Quarterly Market Summary by Andy and Fritz puts performance in perspective in words and charts.
Financial Planning E-Newsletter
2019 CFP ®  Ethics Class
The 2019 CFP ®  Ethics class is a two-hour, two credit online course. A4A's version contains video, audio and text and includes new online learning features. Sign up for $40 if you're not an A4A member.
More 24/7 Continuing Ed
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
Low-Expense Investing
The most important tax reform for business owners is Section 199A and now the final regs were released and Bob has important new advanced ideas for business owners and those with pass-through income.
Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS
Tax & Financial Planning
The most important tax reform for business owners is Section 199A and now the final regs were released and Bob has important new advanced ideas for business owners and those with pass-through income.
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
Low-Expense Investing
The latest statistics measuring the portfolio effects of foreign investing. 
  • Returns
  • Risk
  • Correlations
  • Styles, asset classes over rolling periods
The most important tax reform for business owners is Section 199A. This webinar shows advisors how to reduce qualified business owner 2018 income taxes, incentivize investment in employees and equipment, and evaluate changing the way the business is structured.  Replay
Amy Jones, CIPM
Guardian Performance Solutions
Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) will become a requirement of success for investment fiduciaries in the years ahead. Learn about it now because you can't become GIPS compliant overnight. Replay
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
Low-Expense Investing
  • Why real estate has a higher return in high-inflation years when interest rates are higher
  • The small cap versus inflation correlation
  • The value premium versus inflation correlation
  • Gold: spates of terror followed by years of boredom
Craig Israelsen on a topic of growing urgency.
25-minutes Q&A with scenarios demoed live.
Excel lover's can be satisfied.
Build Your Community
Engage individuals who value facts and research about financial planning and investing.
We've done it for advisors and their clients since 1996.
Strategic Marketing For Fiduciaries
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If you are an Advisor Prodcts Inc. (API) client, chat into us and we can do this for you. 

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