A new toolbar for quick touches of clients is open to beta testers.  

Quick Touches is for fast sharing of articles, videos, and animated GIFs about wealth management as well as sharing your camera roll and posting blog entries. It’s designed to draw traffic to your website based on clients’ needs and interests.  Personalize a content stream from Fritz Meyer, Bob Keebler and Craig Israelsen. Put their slides and text in your own words, and add your keywords to improve search engine rankings. Send articles and videos with your spin.

Quick Touches will be added for free to subscribers to Financial Advisor Market Engine 3.0 (FAME 3.0) and Financial Advisor Communication System 2.0 (FACS 2.0). f you’re a FAME 3.0 or FACS 2.0 subscriber, please let us know if you’ like to participate in the beta test.

Quick Touches enables you communicate based on your strengths and the urgency of the moment. Sometimes you feel like a tweet; sometimes you don’t. The toolbar enables a variety of ways to share ideas based on your favorite mode of communicating, what’s happening at that moment, or a whenever you can take a moment to learn something new.

To respond quickly and easily to events in the news, Quick Touches is a comprehensive but simple solution. No need to open a website editor. You control it from the main menu of your Advisor Products dashboard.

Content for Quick Touches is derived from continuing professional education programming on Advisors4Advisor, which offers financial professionals unlimited continuing ed credit for $60 a year.