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Breaking News Coverage Is Crucial To Advisors

Since the 30-minute, 1000-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday morning, August 24, A4A and Advisor Products have produced five continuing professional education webinars for financial professionals, plus: a video advisors can narrate, showing seven other emotional plunges that have roiled markets since the beginning of the global financial crisis in September 2007; subscribers to Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME) were provided with two 500-word FINRA-submitted articles, putting the correction in proper context in email newsletters written after the stock market closed and emailed to clients Friday night and early Saturday. Another Friday update will be written this evening, after the market closes.

The collaboration with Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, and other thought leaders has worked like a dream in this period of turbulence. It's a thrill for me to have these incredibly smart people helping me help you.

Covering the volatility over the past two weeks in two webinars by Fritz Meyer, one by Dr. Craig Israelsen and another by Dr. Mark DeWeaver, an emerging markets fund manager, who lived in China for 10 years, has made it very clear to me that summarizing the week’s events on deadline every week, in an email newsletter for your clients and prospects, was critically important to what we are doing for advisors.

So, henceforth, on Fridays, we are going to be changing our Weekly Update Email Newsletter to enable you to provide an update on investing written after the market closes every Friday. After producing content for advisors for 20 years, it's occurred to me that immediacy is required. It's not enough to have content with great wisdom. The message must be of the moment. 

Advisors are competing for a client's attention with the CNN, CNBC and all the rest. If you can be as timely as those media outlets but more intelligent, people will notice. Backed by the lineup of thought leaders from A4A, we can give you content no one else can. We insert disclosures saying the source of the data is "Fritz Meyer, an independent economist whose research we license." We credit Dr. Craig Israelsen's and Bob Keebler's research, too. RIAs must disclose the source of content published and never allow it to appear like you are taking credit for content you did not actually create yourself.

No one cares whether you actually wrote the content. What matters is that you send content that is authoritative and compelling. And immediacy crucial to being compelling. With "Breaking News" plastered across every channel on TV, advisors must provide news analysis. Doing it in a weekly email is not overbearing. In fact, we might start providing client content whenever the S&P 500 drops more than 3% or 5% in a single day.  

Advisor Email Newsletters   

Since the week after, 9/11/2001, when Advisor Products became first advisor marketing vendor to provide a weekly email newsletter to advisor clients, the lead story in our weekly update was almost always from Associated Press, Reuters or other wire service. We'd link to the stock market story of the day. Below that, we've provided two financial planning stories.


The lead graphic in the weekly email update has always been the table shown above, which summarizes the performance of stock and bond indexes for the week. That table, beloved by many advisors, will in the future be taking a backseat to breaking news coverage of what's happened that week. We will be providing a long-term investor's point of view of that week's events. An image or video will be displayed illustrating the main point of that article. The table will be available in a thumbnail but will be less prominent. So the weekly ups and downs are noted but not the lead story. The lead story is analysis from me and my authoritative sources. 

That means the Friday evening email updates may go out a little later because we time need to write up breaking news and upload the content to advisor websites. While I am not real happy about having to work late on Fridays, the immediacy of your message to your clients and prospects is crucial.

And here's where this is going in the next few weeks: We've going to give you a script every week so you can record your voice and merge it automatically into a video posted to your YouTube channel and automatically posted to the home page of your website. 

Below are links to the weekly updates that went out the two Friday's after the Aug. 24 flash crash, on August 27 and September 4. The graphics in those articles will soon start appearing instead of the index table in the weekly emails sent to your contacts. Pretty cool, eh? 

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