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Advisor Products Releases Interface For Black Diamond Reporting

Advisor Products added an interface for Black Diamond Reporting to its Personal Client Portal platform this past week, allowing financial advisors to securely stream holdings, asset allocation, and performance data to individual clients automatically daily. Using the latest technology for integration, an XML Web Service, the interface between Black Diamond and Advisor Products feeds each client of an advisor continuously updated performance reports with no work required by the advisor.

The Black Diamond report displayed on your clients’ Personal Client Portals has three tabs.

The Top Holdings tab shows your client his 10 largest holdings. The name of the security is shown along with the number of shares held and the security’s price as well the position’s value. The security’s ticker symbol is linked to detailed 20-minute-delayed market quote. Historical prices as well as charts for the last 10-day, one month, and one-, three-, and five-year periods are available along with the company’s profile, the latest SEC filings, press releases, and news coverage.

The Asset Allocation tab displays a pie chart with the asset class names you havedesignated in Black Diamond Reporting.The Web Service feeds AdvisorProducts raw asset allocation data and we render the pie chart on the fly on the portal system.The asset allocation data, along with the holdings and performance data are not saved on our system, ensuring the security and privacy for your client data. In addition, Advisor Products provides template forms for your client portals’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You can use these documents free of charge to write your Privacy Policy andTerms of Service for your client portals.

The Performance tab on the Black Diamond report displays a portfolio’s performance data as well as a bogey you havechosen to use in Black Diamond. The performance is shown for the last calendar quarter and year-to-date as well as for the last one, three, and five years-to-date.Performance data from the inception of the client’s portfolio are also displayed. And all of the performance data is accompanied by performance againstthe index you have selected in BlackDiamond to measure the portfolio’s performance against.

Easier Workflow. With desktop applications, advisors must run their reports andthen upload the files to the Internet. This time-consuming is averted using the Web Service. There are no daily uploads required by you. Whenever a client logs in to his personal portal, the Black Diamond database is automatically queried for the latest daily data.

The integration of Black Diamond and Advisor Products’ Personal Client Portal platform represents state of the art usage of technology for advisors and illustrates how Web Services are making workflows easier for advisors and saving them money, while allowing advisors to provide superior client service and compete more effectively.

Savings. With no uploads required, you save time and labor—that can translate into thousands of dollars of savings a year. Moreover, the interface between Advisor Products Personal Client Portal platform the Black Diamond is free with your portal license.

Superior Client Service. Providing client your clients with access to their daily updated reports anytime, 24/7, demonstrates a commitment to client service that is substantial, and it supports transparency in your client relationships, which promotes trust. By providing the reports in the context of the Personal Client Portal platform, you put performance data in perspective. Since the portal platform contains information about financial planning, feature articles about long-term strategic personal finance issues, and continuously displays information about the many tasks you perform on behalf of your clients, the performance reports are shown to be just one aspect of your client relationships.

Compete Effectively. Advisors who provide client reporting via the Web in this cost efficient manner are able to compete more effectively. The reports become one of a number of differentiators brought to you by the portal system than other advisors do not offer. The client portal offers a secure online vault for storage of key client documents, a To-Do Manager for assigning action items to clients and receiving action items from clients, a To-Do feature for collaborating with outside professionals such as attorneys and tax advisors, FINRA-reviewed articles personalized to each individual’s client interests, and much more. This set of features is available only via the Advisor Products Personal Client Portal platform, which lets you compete more effectively for ultra-high-net-worth clients served by trust companies, private banks, the private-client-services division at large brokerages and other large institutions.

For more information about Advisor Products Personal Client Portal Platform, please contact Barry Weinstein at (888) 274-5744.

Visit Black Diamond Reporting’s website or call (904) 241-2444 for more information about the company’s reporting solutions.

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