Negative interest rates in Europe are a new and unprecedented financial economic condition advisors must suddenly navigate. 

In recent weeks, we’ve focused on the impact of negative rates on private wealth management. Not to sound alarmist, advisors and clients have seen nothing like this before. An unusual confluence of national demographic, economic and financial trends have fueled a glut of retirement savings worldwide, turned the U.S. yield curve upside down, and permanently affects strategic asset allocation decisions normally not fiddled with. 

In a 4.9-star rated 1-credit CE webinar available for 24/7 credit, Fritz Meyer, the economist who first pieced together the facts to explain the fundamental economics driving this long-term trend, taught a 70-minute A4A class dealing detailing this topic yesterday.


Fritz has been focused on this tectonic shift that so far is unnoticed in the consumer press. But his thesis revealed itself over months of dogged research into the math driving rates lower.  Germany’s labor force problem is a key factor in his calculus, but Fritz only realized the importance of Germany after looking at demographic trends in Japan, China, U.S. and other developed-nations and coming to understand Germany’s pivotal role as the No. 2 issuer of sovereign debt.

Point is, between monthly CE sessions, Fritz’s analysis is explained to advisor clients in weekly videos, tweets, animated GIFs, articles, blogs, and email newsletters to provide financial advisors with a platform for distributing thought leadership content to clients.