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401(k) Webinar Hits The Mark With Advisors

Last Friday’s webinar with Charles Epstein, the 401(k) Coach, was a big hit, as you can see from the comments from attendees shown below.

Epstein is a financial advisor who achieved success in the 401(k) business, so much success that he started a coaching program that has trained about 1,200 advisors. He’s also one of our featured bloggers on

Epstein is a pragmatist and offered real world wisdom that advisors appreciated. GoToWebinar, the tool we use for running these sessions, indicated that every single one of the attendees was “highly interested” in Epstein’s presentation. I can’t recall any other speaker who was able to hold the interst of the audience as well as Epstein.

Epstein’s session is available for replay at
Advisor Products and on Advisors4Advisors.

Epstein provided a handout that can be used by fiduciaries to conduct an meeting with a plan sponsor that is a prospect, and it can be downloaded by members of A4A in the Advisor Rewards section of your profile.

The Financial Advisor Webinar Series Friday, February 5 at 4 p.m. EST

Epstein will be doing another webinar in April or May.
What did you think of the webinar? How can we improve it?

  • Very good overview of the 401k market for advisors. I like it when speaker provides resources like he did. Would like to see more on how to market services to companies.

  • More events with Mr. Epstein

  • Outstanding. Short and to the point. Thank you for taking the questions.

  • I thought it to be great information

  • It was good. I am interested in hearing from someone experienced in fiduciary plans the top shelf plans where advisors take on ERISA 3-38.

  • Interesting topic and completely new to me

  • A transcript, available upon request by an attendee, would help a great deal.

  • Good

  • Excellent webinar.

  • Very good session...only complaint is he went a little fast, but the slides and a replay is available so it is no big deal. Thanks very much.

  • It was excellent, and I especially appreciated your allowing download of slides. I wish I had known throughout the presentation however, because I was feverishly writing down each slide!

  • I really like your webinars. If I could change anything, it would be to keep them to an hour. I don't know how you do this because I don't think there is a lot of wasted time, but I personally struggle with the dual desires of wanting to continue learning and also moving on to the next, scheduled thing. This is fairly minor but I would prefer they be a little shorter.

  • Make a CD of the audio

  • Great Information.

  • I think it was very good. Thanks for coordinating and brininging important topics to us RIA's.

  • Excellent topic. Presenter moved a little fast and glossed over a few complex topics.

  • Sensational amount of information packed into an hour. Great job with the questions at the end of the program, Andy. They were delivered clearly, and you moved the answers right along without letting the speaker get bogged down.

  • I liked it.

  • Very good webinar. Good topic!

  • I liked it. It was helpful.

  • Very informative. Discussion included many topics I was not aware of especially fiduciary responsibility issues for the advisor to a plan.

  • Very good. Always like more take away, actionable items to implement. Not always just a sales pitch to sign up for a new program.

  • I appreciated the information. I would be interested in hearing the additional portions of the 401k Coach program on A4A.

  • Great timing for me since I am entering this service area.

  • Very informative

  • Good info & resources. Would like to hear Part 2 from Charlie (the remaining 3 steps)

  • This was a great webinar. Moderation intro was a little too long and slow

  • Very good and any process template or handouts would be appreciated

  • Spectacular. Thank you so much.

  • Awesome good information. Sometimes it is helpful to identify those things that "you don't know you don't know" and then provide resources to fill in the gaps.

  • Bring back for steps 4,5,6

  • Charlie is terrific!

  • Terrific very informative insightful and useful

  • Sometimes Charles moved onto a slide before giving the audience time to process what was on the slide. Being able to download the slides before the presentation would have been helpful

  • It moved very fast for me since I'm not active in this part of the business now, but it was a great presentation.

  • There was a lot to cover. Better to sometimes just commit to a 90 minute program. Thanks.

  • I thought it was informative. He had to fly through his slides, so I feel like I need to go back and look at them again.

  • Give and take questions

  • The audio was in and out and when I called the # the password was invalid it said.

  • Great questions Andy

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