A day after third quarter 2019 ended on Tuesday, October 1, the video below was posted to advisor YouTube channels that we create and embed in advisor websites, advisor newsletters, and tweets for advisors. It's automatically posted with branding on advisor websites. 

Branded RIA videos, like this one, posted weekly to advisor YouTube channels, transform financial advisors into local thought leaders in their target markets. Our advisor marketing videos and articles are different from the generic content you get from the other companies specializing in advisor websites, i.e., which answre burning consumer questions, such as "what is an annuity?" They provide bsic information you can search, facts found on Wikipedia, Investopedia, and pay per click schemes. 


In contrast, the content we create is original research. You cannot get it anyplace else. It's a news stream financial planning and investment fiduciaries leverage to engage and educate local networks. 


Navigating these trolls with a stream of content leading sophisticated investors safely toward their destination is different from what other website companies do. Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen and Bob Keebler partner with us to provide financial wisdom. If you target engineers, doctors, teachers, creatives, tech-sector, business owners, athletes, and other affluent demographic segments, including UHNWIs, you rise above the din with a soft still voice of evidence-based research.