CANNEX Announces a New Annuity Comparison Tool

CANNEX is a Canadian provider of financial product information and analysis. Last week it announced a new service that “provides an independent and objective way to determine the economic suitability of variable annuity and fixed indexed annuity transactions and helps fiduciary advisors act in the best interest of their clients.” It is intended to assist advisors with decisions involving new annuities, existing annuities and buyout offers from insurance companies.  

Fritz Meyer And Bob Keebler Post-Election Guidance To Advisors

Fritz Meyer and Bob Keebler delivered a post-election analysis at a hastily-scheduled webinar on Advisors4Advisors the day after the election of Donald J. Trump as the next U.S. President. Keebler, a CPA who has educated legal and accounting professionals for three decades, opens this timely webinar by speaking about the expected direction of the new administration’s tax policy, offering about a 10-minute slide presentation reviewing Trump’s public pronouncements on tax law changes and the...

How Savings Affects Retirement Portfoilio In Accumulation And Withdrawal Phases

A client's savings rate is so important but ignored by most advisors in designing portfolios. In this amazing series of studies of portfolio design by Craig Israslsen, Ph.D., this session stands out for its focus on showing the client the effects of different savings rates across his lifespan.    Accumulation results below… Zeroing in on how your clients' savings rate will influence their portfolio's risk. It makes clients choose to behave prudently and appreciate the...

Avoiding The 60 Day Trap When Borrowing From An IRA

  Clients sometimes need cash temporarily and view their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) as the perfect source. This can be a dangerous option unless they follow the 60-day rollover rule. Your client can borrow money from an IRA without paying tax as long as it’s paid back within 60 days. This resource can be a lifesaver when needed but there are two important caveats. They can only do this kind of transaction once every 12 months and they MUST repay the money within 60...

When Clients Are Their Own Worst Enemy

I was recently quoted in a article titled “When clients can’t afford to retire.” Although the article covered some of the basics, I thought it would be good to address this issue more fully. Before I start, what are situations when clients can’t afford to retire? Other than tragedy or catastrophe, this unhappy circumstance occurs when clients are spending as much as or more than they earn.

Keebler Delivers Everything A Financial Advisor Needs To Know About Taxation Of Trusts And Estates

Billing a webinar as “Everything A Financial Advisor Needs To Know About Estate Planning And Trusts,” is audacious, but Robert Keebler delivers the goods. Keebler received a 4.8-star rating of the live session. Then, in a fast-paced and broad-ranging 15-minute Q&A, Keebler offer unvarnished analysis of the tax policy implications of the November 2016 Presidential election. Keebler says the estate tax exemption is likely to be lowered if Hillary is elected. As much as...

IRAs, Death And Taxes Wins A 4.7-Star Rating

Need a refresher class on advanced IRA planning techniques? Bob Keebler nails it in this class this 4.7-star rated session. While the title of the session title is “IRAs and Roth IRA After A Client Dies,” Keebler goes through the labyrinthine rules covering IRA inheritance and second marriages, kids with special needs, and other real-life situations complicating the implications of an IRA owner’s death.   Keebler received an average rating of 4.7 stars on the...

Israelsen's New Way To Visualize The Risk Of Outliving A Portfolio Gets 4.9 Stars

Dr. Craig Israelsen says something unusual happened at his webinar yesterday. Israelsen had just shown a new data visualization technique for illustrating a retiree’s risk of running out of money at an A4A webinar. While the 4.9-star rating Israelsen received from attendees was unusual — fewer than 5% of A4A webinars receive a 4.9 score and no webinar has ever received five stars — what was unusual was the feedback from attendees.   “Any way to use the...

Some Nonprofits Mismanage Their Life Insurance Assets

When you give a life insurance policy to a nonprofit organization, what do they do with it?  

6% Method: An Alternative To The 4% Rule

David M. Zolt, CFP®, EA, ASA, MAAA, spent 25 years as an actuary consulting to many of the world’s largest qualifed retirement plans, and he is the devleoper of a retirement income planning tool praised by many professionals. Zolt, in this post, offers an alternative to the "4% Rule" applied by many retirement income planners. He calls it the "6% Method" and it allows retirees to initially spend 50% more than the 4% Rule with essentially the same probability of...

The Life Insurance Industry Has Its Own Volkswagen Scandal

How do you feel when you pay for something that you don’t receive?  

How Prudential Invites You To Be A Fool

Prudential Financial, one of the largest life insurance organizations in the U.S., sells no-lapse universal life policies that are competitively priced in today’s market. However, if you follow the premium schedule that the agent proposes, you will probably be a fool.  

2015 Year-End Tax Planning For Investment Advisors

Presenting on 2015 year-end tax planning techniques to investment advisors, Bob Keebler deftly straddles a fine line for financial professionals who are not tax advisors. In this session, Keebler gives the right blend of advanced and basic techniques needed to equip investment advisors with tax knowledge to respond intelligently to clients’ tax planning needs.   Bob covers year-end planning techniques from many angles. He draws on real cases he’s handled for business owners,...

Keebler Retirement Income Planning Webinar Receives 4.8-Stars

Robert Keebler, Keebler, a CPA from Green Bay, Wisconsin, explains tax-efficient investment strategies, perhaps better than anyone. At a recent webinar, Keebler plainly explains strategies and techniques that investment advisors must know to advise clients on retirement income planning. Keebler earned a 4.8 star-rating from attendees, one of his highest ratings since he began providing professional education for financial advisors on Advisors4Advisors over four years ago. Retirement...


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