Do You Invest Based On An Accurate World View? Take The Test

As a fiduciary, it’s important for you to be aware of your own biases and gaps in your knowledge. This class takes you on a humbling journey into trends that will drive long-term financial economic fundamentals over the next two decades.  Drawing on the work of a Swedish physician, academic, statistician, and public speaker, the late Hans Rosling, Craig in this class, shows why you’re wrong about the world and why things may actually be better than you think. 

Following along with Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., replaying this class enables a self test determining if your view of the world is aligned with the facts. 

This is not traditional continuing education for financial advisors, which is why we're Advisors4Advisors.

Craig’s average rating of 4.8 stars reflects critical reviews of a statistically valid sample of CFP, CIMA, CPA/PFS, CFA, ChFC, and other financial professionals, whose reviews are pointed but overall rave about A4A's CE classes.  

Reviews of attendees of the live session are below.




  • Very informative, only wish there could have been time for questions.  Otherwise excellent presentation.
  • Excellent highlighting of relevant points in Rosling's work.
  • Very interesting and thought-provoking
  • Good info but really would have liked more in on how it should effect our investing strategies
  • I didn't know what to expect.  The presentation was extremely interesting and the gapminder tools are worth exploring...
  • Good
  • Very interesting. I appreciated the more "out of the box" perspective on how demographics are changing, and will continue to change, economic development and investment opportunity.
  • Too slow, and long.
  • Nice change of pace
  • Well done - very engaging and eye opening.
  • very interesting
  • Very interesting, even though I have felt this was the direction, this info is great to use with clients and anyone really.
  • In what world do busy clients and advisors have time to discuss facts/demographics like this? I barely have enough time to discuss their goals, finances, family matters etc. when they come in. If Craig thinks that clients want to hear about this kind of stuff from us, respectfully, he's out of touch. My open rate for articles around this topic area (demographics) are among the lowest.
  • loved it
  • Excellent.
  • NOTE Regarding item 9, I requested in a previous survey; thank you.
  • Insightful.  Good to illustrate how ignorant we educated people can be on the state of the world.  We need to be mindful of the facts rather than what we think are the facts.
  • Very good
  • Interesting topic.  I liked the book. 
  • excellent!
  • Valuable, thank you.
  • Very interesting info.
  • so so informative and glad I signed up for this one
  • Fabulous.  I love the graphics - very useful.  This is not only useful for investing but for many things about which we all have to make decisions in our every day lives.
  • I could not see any slides nor could I take the polls.  I logged in more than once.  Also could not ask questions.  I sent an email to Ben but no reply.  Frustrating.
  • different topic than Craig's normal stuff but lots of food for thought (will take some time to digest)
  • This was a different format than typical webinars and certainly provided a break from the regular discussions pertaining to asset allocation modeling, investment advice, etc. but was also valuable as an adjunct sort of educational session on some of our behavioral biases and beliefs which turn out to often be largely unfounded. The beginning section with the 10 questions was a bit tedious but the next segment was tremendous (excerpts and summaries in text format from the book). The graphs at the end helpful
  • Thought leader as usual.


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