Create Videos & Webinars With Keebler’s Real Estate Tax Planning CE Session

Tax Saving Strategies for Rental Real Estate Owners, a 1-credit continuing education class taught by Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, received rave reviews from CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs and other advisors who attended the live session,  which was eligible for CPA CPE. (See reviews below.) A4A members receive free unlimited CE with a $10 a month membership for our news feed for financial professionals. 

Unlimited free CE for CFP, CPA, CIMA and other professionals is only one of the ways Advisors4Advisors is disrupting continuing education for financial planners.

A4A also enables professionals to leverage continuing education from thought leaders. Instructors from the largest education providers listen to our sessions! 

Bob, Fritz, and Craig's monthly webinars are a news feed that a community of real financial professionals actively supports. That's disruptive to the traditional business of continuing education of CFP, CIMA, and CPA/PFS professionals.

Offering free unlimited continuing education for a small group of financial professionals around a belief system powered by Fritz, Bob, and Craig broke the traditional business model for CE of financial planners and IAs.  Moreover, A4A offers its continuing education in a PowerPoint presentation to make it easy to create your own webinars based on A4A's thought leadership news stream.

To be clear, CFP, CPA/PFS, CIMA and other advisors can buy the presentation graphics with a transcript of the session — including the Q&A — and use it to create webinars and videos to educate their communities. Include a source line on all slides disclosing the source of the charts and images. But make the text your own. Insert your local keywords and target markets in editing the transcribed slides. Make the text unique to you and your firm. 

To create your own videos about planning for real estate tax benefits for business owners and rentors, subscribe to Bob Keebler’s webinar transcripts from Advisor Products’ online store and that you gives you an editable copy of Bob’s words, slide by slide in a PowerPoint and a Word document with the words. To be clear, this is the upsell, the way to engage a bit deeper with thought leaders whose professional values you share based on your history. It's a self selected group. 

Having listened to the presentation by Bob and picked a three slides your target clients need to know about now, you download the transcribed PowerPoint (PPTX) file and find the three slides you like. Cut and paste them into a new presentation and add your own text to them with you keywords.

The final step in making the a video: record yourself giving the presentation using a screen recording application, such as Camtasia Recorder.  

Creating advisor videos is not so hard, but requires a desire to learn, a spark I taught myself how to make videos and put thousands of hours into A4A and Advisor Products.I’m a reporter and sell news stream about financial economics, a business idea that seemed preposterous to some just a decade ago but is now better understood. 


Brian Stelter at CNN, recently covered how online membership services are able to support journalism in new business forms. Organizations whose brand is no spin and judgment borne of facts can flourish if guided by a reporter equipped with the skills to run member-supported information businesses. It is a career path in the best tradition of American journalism.

Having taught journalism a couple of semesters at NYU and spent a career in reporting on financial economics does not make me an expert but I believe journalism schools should teach entrepreneurial skills to encourage independent professionals.

Reporters don’t have to rely on NYT or WSJ to succeed. Journalism schools should teach reporters entrepreneurial skills to create communities. Reporters with specialized knowledge of financial economics, health care, tech, or racial relations should be equipped with the skills to optimize American capitalism and freedom of speech and be able to learn how to run a modern journalistic enterprise at a profit.  


  • Bob's always good
  • Great specific examples of the QBI impact of various strategies.
  • Thank you, Bob, for your continued focus on the new tax changes. I believe that indeed opportunity zones (and the new law) present a dilemma in that there will be abuses with programs intended to lure investors into projects that are shams, or scams. Either one is going to be bad. This is especially true because of the complexity of the topic itself. Several years ago, there was an initiative to create 1031 units to be sold to the public (to people who did not want to own real estate directly). Similar now?
  • Always tough to digest everything Bob has to say in such a short timeframe
  • Highly informative and learned a lot
  • Complex issue examples most helpful; initials need to be spelled out initially
  • I was hoping for more info on Exchanges.  That got a whole 10 seconds.
  • Helpful insights
  • Amazing
  • Great information.  Complex area and too much information to digest properly.
  • Great, timely information
  • Helpful with my rentals
  • Bob makes things concise
  • Excellent, as always.
  • Excellent & timely!
  • good info
  • 5*
  • Very informative
  • Good
  • Bob is great
  • Heavy material, but important and very useful.
  • A lot to cover in a little time. Moved a little fast, but pace was right given the time allotted.
  • Did not know the 3 questions were timed. Missed the 2nd as was trying to focus on Bob's comments."
  • To Go To Webinar  can you ask your programmers to design the Surveys so they do not cover the slide that is currently being discussed?
  • Great info, was a bit rushed near the end but I know we have time constraints.






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