Thank You For A 4.8-Star Rating, Despite Pointed Criticism

This continuing education (CE) course on advanced tax planning for Section 199(A) of the Internal Revenue Code by Bob Keebler received serious constructive criticism and, nonetheless, a 4.8-star rating from attendees of the live session. A4A members ($10/month) can replay it 24/7 for continuing education credit from CFP Board and Investments & Wealth Institute.

The comments below are pointed and we are grateful to you for them. Your feedback is smart and professional, displaying the vitality of the A4A community. Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, has been educating lawyers and accountants for over three decades, and Bob has been a source turned to covering taxation about as long.  

A decade ago, I asked Bob to teach readers of my journalism about taxation in webinars and I told him it would be in his best interest to build an independent online publishing business for financial advisors with me. He  trusted me with his intellectual property for all these years.

Now advisors are starting to catch on and partnering with us. I am thankful to Bob and to all of you for trusting me.     

Bob Keebler is a brilliant tax practitioner and educator and that's why he gets 4.8 stars from a live audience of professionals despite some pointed criticism. 


Comments from attendees who took the time to offer a review are shown below.  I am thankful to you for caring about our work on A4A.  I am thankful to my wonderful team who understand we are on a mission to elevate financial literacy.

But most appreciated is that even those of you who said Bob jumped around the slides too much, gave the session a high rating. A consummate professional, A4A member criticism will help Bob do even better next time. More important, a 4.8 rating PLUS advice from A4A members to make it better next time is evidence of a healthy partnership.  

A decade since we started our study group for statistics-driven investment fiduciaries offering tax and financial planning advice, I want to thank you for partnering deeply and trusting the A4A and Advisor Products teams!

Comments from attendees of the live session are shown below: 

  • Bob is always great.
  • Somewhat overlapping and therefore confusing. Some of us need more linear presentations ;-)
  • Curious to see what you thought about conservation easements that are not listed transactions than comply with the IRS 2.5X limitation. I personally use GBX Group in Cleveland and the deduction comes out at 2.45. This could be another way to lower taxable income below the $315k threshold
  • Right on time. Appreciated.
  • Bob great as always
  • The webinar was great. There were times I noticed the numbers Robert referenced that were not on the slides in front of me as if he was stating off the top of his head or his notes didn't match our slides. He can have a tendency to hop all over the place and that makes it harder to follow along with his content. Tax strategies are complex & for those that are not CPA's, it would be helpful if he followed the slide content a little more closely. other wise,  the examples and topic were great/timely!
  • good to get a refresher on this...have not been focusing on taxes
  • Very informative!
  • He presented a great deal of very important and very detailed information.  He moved to fast for me and too often what he was presenting verbally was NOT what was on the screen making it even more difficult to follow.  He mentions he deck like we had it, which we don't, so we can't move to what he is covering.  Some of what he discussed did not seem to have slides to go with it.  Personally I guess I need more preliminary background.  I had the same issues with his prior presentation on this topic. 
  • VG
  • I wish I had more clients that fit his scenario's!
  • Great review and deeper dive into tax planning ideas
  • Keebler always provides more information than I can absorb in the hour presentation.  Thanks for hosting the webinar.
  • Good overall
  • Excellent
  • As always, Bob is a tax wizard!
  • Excellent follow up and elaboration upon prior webinars on the 199A business deduction. We appreciate the use of the case studies and many of them have pertinence to real life examples of our own clients, which is very helpful. Also happy to know that we have the replay available if we want to go back and fine tune some of the ideas or review concepts that Bob presented. Thank you.
  • Bob Keebler is excellent and knows his stuff.  He is fast paced and it would be better if he slowed down and did some tie backs and tie downs to the data.  If I was a practicing CPA and VERY familiar with material, I would not have a problem but I am now and seeking more data that can sink in.  Again.. I applaud Keebler and am a member of Leimberg.  thankfully I will be able to go back and review on the playback.. thank you.
  • Excellent examples.
  • great
  • good info!
  • You do a wonderful job explaining complex tax concepts and making them easy to understand (excellent real world examples).
  • great


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