Bear Market Risk Illustrations For Pre-Retirees And Retirees -- 24/7 CFP® Continuing Education

Your clients and you face a growing risk: bad luck. When retired and pre-retired investors suffer portfolio two or three years in row of losses in their portfolio --  a bear market -- it can break an investor's spirit, making it too hard to stick with a sensible plan formulated for moments exactly like this.

Craig Israelsen imparts wisdom on a topic of growing urgency. With the 110-month-long expansion closing in on the 120-month record-longest boom that bracketed the 1990s, this webinar equips advisors for a timely and crucial conversation for advisors and clients.

24/7 CFP® Continuing Ed Credit

The session received a 4.8-star rating. and is accredited for continuing education credit for CFP®,  CIMA®, and many other financial professionals. 

Dr. Craig Israelsen presents for about 25 minutes and spends another 25 minutes answering questions from practitioners, many of whom are deeply engaged.  

In a feat of daring, Craig shared his screen with attendees while he manipulated an Excel spreadsheet showing the effects of sequential losses. Live on the spot, Craig illustrated the answers to scenarios posed by practitioners. 

For the first time ever in A4A Live CE history, the microphone was opened to an A4A member. The attendees currently uses a spreadsheet to advise clients that Craig shared in a previous A4A webinar. Letting him ask his detailed question in his own words exemplifies how A4A is literally giving voice to a distinguished group of professionals. Incidentally, opening the microphone elicited not a single barb or ‘at-a-boy.’ That’s good.

Most heartening, the comments below affirm our common values in managing a professional practice. Crowd-sourcing a study group of advanced financial and tax planning professionals is a privilege and your  thoughtful suggestions, criticism, comments, and praise is much appreciated:    

  • Great!  Liked the open-ended Q&A time, the balance of presented material vs. questions. 
  • Sometimes spreadsheets/charts get a little busy to understand and see in webinar
  • Great information and excel worksheets.
  • I enjoyed the amount of thought that the presenter put into his excel spreadsheet as an illustrative tool!
  • Excellent presentation
  • Ok, but would have been helpful to have a deck we could use with clients
  • Very good
  • Great stuff
  • Very good. Craig always does a great job providing a peak behind the curtain as to what informs his thinking.
  • Informative
  • Good. I liked the space allowed for Q&A.
  • Great stuff as always with Craig's spreadsheets. As I mentioned on the "open mic," I believe participants in these webinars might benefit from a more thorough analysis and demonstration (illustration) of Craig's SECOND spreadsheet in a manner similar to the way he has demonstrated the first worksheet on young people age 35 saving 5% of their salary. The second spreadsheet seems to be geared towards retirees and the sequence of returns issue is one that will take more than one webinar to comprehend.
  • Excellent.
  • Great job, thank you. And I appreciated the opportunity for extra questions this time.
  • good
  • Loved the live manipulation of the spreadsheet!
  • Excellent!
  • Good info.  In reality, clients will not stick to a set withdrawal rate and that is where the emotions over down markets come into play.
  • Very informative about resiliency of portfolio.  Spreadsheet design is world-class.  Craig speaks at the right level of complexity for A4A members.  Really smart. 
  • Well done
  • Useful in client interaction
  • "retirees expenses don't vary by the portfolio values, the withdrawal should be in constant, inflation-adjusted dollars.
  • no international equities or bonds???


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