2018 Year-End Tax Planning Continuing Professional Education

With the new Internal Revenue Code in effect for the first time this year, this continuing ed session kicks of our coverage of year end tax planning for practitioners. The reviews rave about the coverage. Thanks for appreciating our hard work! 

Tax planning for pre-retirees may be the single most valuable service a financial planning professional or IA rep provides to consumers. 

This webinar is for experienced practitioners, who have kept current on tax planning techniques. 




Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, received a 4.9-star rating for this class, despite the strong knowledge required.Bob bullet points strategies in this fast-paced session. (Introductory classes to help on any topic in financial planning are available. Please chat us below! We're here to help.

If you are unfamiliar with us, Bob Keebler teaches a one-hour class once a month on A4A and you get continuing ed credit from the CFP Board, NASBA, and IWI as well as many other professional bodies.

Our education is targeted to CFP®, CIMA and CPA/PFS and other professionals with stiff experience and education requirements. Because you share our values about how to practice, we are pleased to list list A4A members in a consumer directory of financial planning professionals at 

Your profile page links consumers to FINRA’s database showing what’s required to maintain your professional credentials, to leverage transparency in helping consumers find and educated and engaged professional.  

We acknowledge FINRA's contribution in providing consumers a database distinguishing sham credentials with little or no up-front or ongoing education requirements from credentials held by real financial professionals.

We appreciate the feedback from attendees, who gave this live session a 4.8-star rating and their feedback is shared below:

  • The best
  • Valuable information
  • always great material - always too much to absorb
  • Bob Keebler is phenomenal!
  • Bob does a great job.
  • Very good as always. For a future session, I would love to hear about 199A & financial advisors, particularly whether Bob believes that advisors who sell insurance products such as annuities are exempted.
  • issues are glossed over very quickly and are hard to fully understand
  • Great!
  • "Great Q & A!
  • Lots of technical issues with GTW!"
  • Good session
  • great timely info
  • Super summary of new tax law and presented in a clear manner, much more so than other presentations that I've heard recently on the same subject. Bob has a knack for making the complex very simple. Discussion at the end about the interplay between Roth conversions and increasing AGI for purposes of maximizing the QBI deduction certainly merits further examination and is intellectually challenging as well as being attractive in a practical sense. Proposed webinar on 199A for advisors is a great idea.
  • Bob's sessions continue to be some of the best educational tax sessions I have attended.  Please thank he & Andy for making these available to us !!!!
  • Good
  • excellent
  • Jammed packed with material.
  • "Awesome Info.
  • Valuable info and challenging to comprehend.  Need to take a course with Bob.
  • Very relevant and timely material.
  • Toomuch NEW info.  Wish more time on charts presented last 15 minutes  Bob assumes we are at his level of understanding.
  • Excellent.
  • Since I do not prepare returns it is always good to hear this material over and over.
  • That was very good!
  • Several times when he was presenting detailed and important info, his slides did not cover what he was presenting verbally.  And, sometimes the more detailed slides moved too quick.  I will scroll through it again.  I was not familiar with the 199 Cap A provision before the presentation and will need to review them separately.
  • He's awesome, what else can I say.  LET ME ASK... IS THERE ANY WAY TO PAUSE THE PRESENTER WHEN THE POLL GOES UP? I take notes the entire time and when the poll goes up, I want to earn the badge, so I answer the poll and I miss everything the speaker is saying and I cannot see the slide either. Pausing at this point in time will help in these ways. Thanks!
  • Excellent, as Mr. Keebler always is!
  • solid
  • Because of all the information, it went a bit fast.
  • Keebler was great, as always!
  • Excellent - My only wish is that these presentations would start on time.
  • Great job explaining possible strategies
  • Great webinar.  Packed 4 hours into 1 hour.  Could have used much more detail and examples.
  • he covers too many topics very briefly - i prefer fewer topics covered more in-depth
  • some items could have used more detailed examples



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