Keebler Talks Tax Cuts For Year-End Planning

With less than 30 days to act on a slew of one-time tax law savngs opportunities, the replay of Bob Keebler’s December 1st webinar about year-end planning gives you everything real financial professionals need to know now.

A4A is a community.  Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, and Bob Keebler collaborate with you direclty about low cost investing and financial planning. Low-expense financial planning professionals and investment fiduciaries love A4A's online continuing professional education.
Don’t take my word for it. Keebler’s average rating of 4.8 and these comments below say it all.
Bob and Andy are always great!
Thank you Bob for the usual thorough analysis. As you stated, this is all fast moving and could change further in the coming days. The suggestion that we prepare clients ahead of time for the ultimate range of possible changes is a valuable one. Also, planning ahead to accelerate deductions, especially state and local taxes, is critical. The same goes for postponing income into 2018 and a variety of other items you mentioned. Appreciate your continued dedication.
I thought he was way to choppy and wasn't clear on content.
As always - outstanding.  Please have Bob back once the new plan is final.
Bob Keebler is a rock star! I'm looking forward to the cheat sheet he mentioned and further topics from him.
So much to absorb in a 60 minute webinar.   Look forward to the summary. thanks for being pro-active in getting the information to subscribers.
Excellent summary of proposed tax changes
Keebler is always a good listen.
Absolutely essential information!
Good update info
INCREDIBLY USEFUL INFO - given the absurdly short timing of the tax bill "in play" as I type this - to help our clients potentially save material amounts of taxes before y/e 2017 - literally only 17 business days from now!
very, very informative and timely.  I really enjoyed it.  Wish i didn't have to keep jumping in and out and will sign up for the newsletter
Bob Keebler . . . . what else needs saying?
On the fly presentations based on breaking current events are difficult.  As usual, Bob nailed it.  Thanks again for a worthy expenditure of my valuable time.  Highly beneficial.
outstanding, as usual! really helped me frame making my "cheat sheet" guide this weekend, how to proceed.  think I'll be ordering all xmas presents on amazon, going to be one busy month!
Excellent summary on a topic with uncertainty
Very fast paced.  Amount of information almost overwhelming.
Great work.
it covered so much it could have gone on for hours i think it was helpful but much is still TBD
Thank you for the timely and concise summary of pending tax legislation!
Great stuff.  Gonna be a crazy year end.
Excellent and timely given the difficulty of grasping a moving target.
Very informative. Bob is always on top of the tax law changes
Bob is awesome as usual
Timely & helpful
Good information
Thank you for the precise summaries and opinions!
Excellent...So much to cover in so little time.


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