3Q2019 Ended Well; Did You Tell Anyone?

A day after third quarter 2019 ended on Tuesday, October 1, the video below was posted to advisor YouTube channels that we create and embed in advisor websites, advisor newsletters, and tweets for advisors. It's automatically posted with branding on advisor websites. 

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Tectonic Shift

Negative interest rates in Europe are a new and unprecedented financial economic condition advisors must suddenly navigate. 

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Fritz Meyer Was Right About Earnings

Two months ago, economist Fritz Meyer began using the phrase, "upward revisions to accelerating earnings," to describe the outlook for profits. The new tax law, he said, would gradually add eight percentage points to 2018 earnings growth on the S&P 500. 

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2017 Year-End Tax Planning Videos For Advisor Clients

Details of a proposed $1.5 trillion tax cut package are expected Wednesday, according to the White House.

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The Best Advisor Websites To Automate Client Engagement

Eighty-percent of advisors want to spend no time updating their website, but they still want a dynamic, engaging and cool presence online.

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Yes, Canned Content For Advisors Can Be Uncanned


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Illustrating A Client's Risk Of Outliving Their Money

Dr. Craig Israelsen, one of the nation's foremost experts on implementing low-cost potfolios based on Modern Portfolio Theory, has begun contributng his research to advisors through the Advisor Products video library.

The first video uses a new data visulaization method to illustrate the risk of running out of money in retirement. 

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Start 2016 With A Free Advisor Video To Grow Your Practice


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Explaining Modern Portfolio Theory To Advisor Clients In Pictures, Words, And Music

If you manage assets in diversified portfolios, your clients’ portfolios are probably trailing the S&P 500. Since the financial press reports on performance of the S&P 500, clients usually expect your advice to keep pace with the S&P 500, and you may not be meeting their expectations. Prudent financial professionals who rely on Modern Portfolio Theory are vulnerable to advisors peddling far less prudent advice.  

This video is what Advisor Products is doing to help professionals who doing the right thing to communicate about this issue effectively and inexpensively using modern Internet tools.

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How To Embed A Stream Of Advisor Videos In Any Advisor Website

With Advisor Video Library (AVL), financial advisors can post videos to ANY website.

The Advisor Video Library gives you a library of 15 FINRA-reviewed videos quarterly. You can narrate them using AVL or skip the narration and use the voiceover we provide. The content of these videos is uncommonly intelligent.

I mentioned in a recent blog entry that you can now post these FINRA-reviewed videos to any website and they will be automatically updated once you copy and paste an embed script on your blog or any web page. 

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