Unlocking The Strength Of Ensemble RIAs

Multi-professional firms are giving rave reviews to Financial Advisor Marketing Engine 3.0. (FAME).

Ensemble RIAs with more than $500M AUM are hiring Advisor Products -- firms larger than the sole practitioners we’ve built our brand on for 20 years. Why are more ensemble RIAs hiring us?

For ensemble RIAs, FAME unlocks your professional team’s intellectual capital and unleashes the power of a dedicated team supporting online engagement, allowing each professional, or a practice-group, to market to a niche under your RIA’s banner and brand.

The competitive advantage ensemble RIAs possess over solo practitioners is your collective intelligence and strength. FAME creates a channel on the web for each professional or practice group. Each practitioner or practice niche gets an email newsletter and a page on your RIA’s website. Each one has dedicated widgets for showing a head shot or team shot, your firm’s next webinar, client appreciation event, as well as campaigns targeting divorcees, business owners, or whomever. 

FAME unlocks your human capital in online marketing. It exploits the natural abilities of each member of your team and organizes their collective intellectual output into stream easily optimized for search engines. That’s big. 

Multi-professional ensembles RIAs are natural audience for collaborative sharing with economist Fritz Meyer, low-expense portfolio expert Dr. Craig Israelsen, and tax- and financial-planning expert, Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS.

The first time you visit our YouTube channel, you see this playlist below, which explains the latest version of FAME to learn how FAME unleashes ensemble RIAs.

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