Last-Minute Tax Alerts Indicate Advisor Marketing Is Dead

The final year-end tax alerts for clients of CPA/PFS, CFP, CIMA, CFA, and other financial professionals are ready for Advisor Products subscribers to email. So are related videos, articles, scripts, and animated GIFs to share with clients and everyone you know. Here's a three-minute video about how to do that, if you're a subscriber to FAME 3.0 (Financial Advisor Marketing Engine).

Of all the tax reform Acts I’ve covered since TEFRA 35 years ago, this one was the most fun — not just because of the drama staged in the Capitol but also because of the pioneering work powered by our all-star team.   Here's the story in a nutshell.


Founded as The Financial Crisis Webinar Series for advisors in 2008, Advisors4Advisors has matured into a respected new kind of news service for financial professionals. For $60 a year (going up in 2018), you get unlimited continuing professional education powered by Robert Keebler, Craig Israelsen and Fritz Meyer. In times of tax reform, terrorism, and turbulence, financial professionals know they can count on us for analysis of breaking news as well as low-cost professional education credit.

In addition, you can share the investment and financial planning coursework professed by Bob, Craig, and Fritz with your clients and community via Advisor Products news stream of slides, scripts, articles, videos, tweets, and animated GIFs for consumers. Founded in 1996, Advisor Products makes advisor websites, email newsletters, and social networking integrated with content for advisors.

Our business is unique. No trade association, Wall Street firm, or big corporation gets in the way of sharing with you the best content from the best minds with the best technology. We’ve eliminated the middle-man. 

What you get also is unique. Financial advisor marketing is dead. This is a new profession. Traditional marketing won't work. We're doing the next thing. We're approaching this differently.

If you'd like a demo of our platform to personalize a graphical news stream about wealth management, please fill in this form.


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