Improving On Rule No. 1 Of Advisor Marketing: Fed Case Study


The Fed just uninverted the yield curve. It did not get much press but is probably the No. 1 financial story of the year. The uninversion is a case study in the challenges of marketing if you're a "woke" financial professional advising clients who are thought leraders in their fields. For advisors in this elite class, tradtional marketing rules don't apply. For example, Rule No. 1 of advisor marketing is keep it simple stupid (KISS), but KISS marketing does not pertain to financial professionals.  


To educate a network of local lawyers, tax accountants, insurance agents and allied professionals, a CFP, CFA, CIMA, CPA/PFS, RICP, and other real financial professionals can improve KISS marketing by making it stand for "keep it smart and simple." That more accurately describes the communication strategy financial professionals must implement. It's easier said than done, of course.


Communiating a complex message about wealth management lawyers, tax and insurance professionals requires thought leadership content. Making  it understandable to retail clients and putting it in the medium they want to consume it is much harder.  


The 4-minute video below is a case study in how professionals can bridge that communication gap. Historical context on the Federal Reserve's recent actions adds perspective appreciated by advisor clients who are smart and appreciate education abd want facts about financial planning delviered in bite-sized articles, tweets, graphics, and videos.     


The video below begins with the first 2-1/2-minutes of an hourlong conversation between independent economist Fritz Meyer and Andy Gluck -- that's me! -- a veteran financial reporter who runs a Financial Advisor New Service (FANS) that advisors license to share with their local professional network and prospective clients.   


For thought leaders, who want to educate a network of professionals or clients, FANS generates leads and builds relationships. FANS educates prospects and maintains long-term relationships with HNWI-, and ultra-HNWIs in your local community.  


If you would like to attract local professonals by creating your own continuing education classes or want strategic SEM and SEO for financial services, please call 9-5 Eastern business hours 888-274-5755. 


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