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Compliant content for RIAs should be genuine thought leadership, but 99% of advisor websites fail the thought leadership test.   Why?


The information revolution has made it hard for financial advisors to get their message across. In an Alice-In-Wonderland world in which facts don't matter and the U.S. President tweets 100 times a day, it's hard to know what's important. It's hard to know where to get information. As a result, the vast majority of advisors have given up on development of websites that are more than an online brochure. Since the founding of Advisor Products in 1996, advisor sites have remained little more than online brochures for advisors. 


Athough advisor websites with FINRA-reviewed content have grown into a mature software business, advisor sites with compliance tools for FINRA-regulated reps are today developed in scale for the masses of independent registered reps but they still don't deliver the personal financial planning and investment analysis affluent, educated financial advisor clients need. RIAs, tax and financial planning professionals, and fee-only investment fiduciaries trying to differentiate themselves must do better than mass-produced advisor websites popular with reps at IBDs.



What Advisor Products has done for over 20 years is provide the best compliant content for fee-only advisors who are fiduciaries and who advise private wealth clients on tax and investment planning. Our approach to advisor marketing has always been about communicating deeply and educating clients. It's geared to advisors who want evidence-based financial content, and whose clients are thought leaders. This requires a more sophisticated digital financial content marketing platform. Consider the article idea shown here in part. It's based on analysis from Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., an academic and expert on low-expense investing.


At his November CE webinaron A4A.TV, Dr. Israelsen showed why pre-retirees in their 50s — ideal clients for most practitioners  — need not suffer from investment performance anxiety.  As retirement nears, Dr. Israelsen showed, a savings rate boost is more important to retirement success than portfoio performance.  


It’s not uncommon for pre-retirees in their 50s and 60s to grow anxious about portfolio performance, but it’s their savings rate that is more influential as retirement nears. The  illustration explained in a 300-word article uses irony to engage pre-retirees with an eye-catching graphic. 


Explaining why pre-retirees shouldn’t be hung up on portfolio performance when the size of their savings rate matters much more to retirement success is a subject most adviisor websites do not attempt to address creatively. Nor are the tax and financial planning strategies in our FINRA-reviewed weekly market commentaries for fee-only advisors, RIAs, and other fiducuaries.


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